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  • still_my_dime still_my_dime Apr 9, 2013 4:27 PM Flag

    Let's Look At Some Real Numbers

    STRT has only 3,377,000 common shares of which less than 1/4 is owned by non-mutual funds & non management. Interestingly, management owns only 3%. (Note to rrtz - all of this is readily available on Yahoo once you get your nose out of the stock price). While p/e and similar ratios are attractive, return on sales is quite low. The company has no long term debt.

    Average trading volume is in the 10,000 share a day range. It has increased along with the stock price in recent months.

    So what we have here is an OEM auto parts supplier - well financed; well run; profitable but not hugely so; with low management stock ownership.

    The best scenario for STRT (and it should have happened a long time ago) is some sort of management - investor buy-out.


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    • ...well, the "real number" that I'm always primarily interested in is the stock price which this morning is UP $1.57 to yet ANOTHER new HIGH!...BOO-YAH, BABY!...BOO-YAH!!!...

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      • You really do have a room temperature IQ!

        Have you looked at the "book" for this stock? (I know, more numbers and that is really hard for you - probably not covered in your Investments for Dummies text book).

        But - no significant offers; no significant bids. Now what happens if one of the intuitional holders decides to sell 100,000 or 200,000 shares - essentially one month's volume?

        This stock could drop $5.00 on a single trade.

        I still think the best way out for everybody is an investor - management buy out but someone needs to initiate it and I see no evidence at the present time

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