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  • This is the Yahoo! Message Board about Theragenics Corp (NYSE: TGX), where you can discuss the future prospects of the company and share information about it with others. This board is not connected in any way with the company, and any messages are solely the opinion and responsibility of the poster.

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    • Anybody care to venture a guess as to why THRX has been in a decline while it's earnings have been more than positive? What's going on here?

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      • Basically the answer is "no publicity" by the corporation. I have even asked my internist about the company and he said "who?" And this is in Atlanta. When asked about the product he could comment. The company is doing a low profile for an unknown
        reason, probably the agenda of the officers (CEO). Recently she got some award for an "leading female CEO" or something, but I wonder if she can be trusted to look after the rank and file stockholders over the long haul. She probably is more interested in bigger career fish for herself, and that is kinda the reputation she has in small cap circles in the Atl area.

        Interested in what others think.

        Frank Patterson

      • Theragenics is grossly undervalued at 6 3/4. With
        the new Theraseed specialist and the marketing force
        of J&J Indigo Division, seed sales are rapidly
        rising ! Presently, seed sales are 22000 per week up
        from 15000 per week last quarter.
        Expect this
        quarter to bring in suprisingly good results.

        luck !

      • any real info on why this stock is so beat up with flat earnings and 2 cents below gru estimates? is it marketing?, product exposure? The mgt.?, the lady in charge? can anyone enlighten me?

      • Basically the answer is "no publicity" by the corporation. I have even asked my internist about the company and he said "who?" And this is in Atlanta. When asked about the product he could comment. The company is doing a low profile for an unknown
        reason, probably the agenda of the officers (CEO). Recently she got some award for an "leading female CEO" or something, but I wonder if she can be trusted to look after the rank and file stockholders over the long haul. She probably is more interested in bigger career fish for herself, and that is kinda the reputation she has in small cap circles in the Atl area.

        Interested in what others think.

        Frank Patterson

      • This stock has always had inexplicable price moves. I have owned shares in this company since 1990. During that time, the price of the stock has fallen and risen seemingly without reason. Had I held on through all those years, I would be in taller cotton now. That which I have held have done remarkably well.

        Here's a company with skyrocketing earnings (always has since I've owned it), and a dropping price. My guess? Hang on. Institutional investors are now involved. They are a silly and illogical group, but they really slosh prices around. Ignore them and buy more.

      • Go 2 msg 2!!!!!!!!


      • Looks like the price decline is purely technical. Loss of
        momentum in a high P/E stock catches the attention of
        short sellers. Specifically the chart was/is showing a
        combination of declining price and volume. Hope for a robust
        bounce from 35. If it breaks below 35, the next stop may
        be near 28.
        If you're long term, this is just noise.
        Good luck.

    • As a business consultant, I have on numerous
      occassions seen first hand the pitfalls of having the Chief
      Executive Officer serving as the Chairman of the Board of
      Directors. This dual role hand ties the Board of Directors
      in their oversight of management which leads to
      management complacency.

      In my opinion at this stage
      in the development of TGX, it is imperative that
      there is a clear separation between management and the
      Board of Directors. A first step in establishing this
      separation is having a strong Chairman which is independent
      of management and dedicated exclusively to creating
      shareholder value.

      As a shareholder, my only weapon
      for stimulating the Board of Directors towards
      establishing its independence from management is to state my
      intention to check the box "Against" next to each name
      proposed for the TGX Board of Directors in the upcoming
      proxy for the Annual Meeting of Shareholders. The
      approval on new members of the Board of Directors requires
      at least 50% of the outstanding shareholders to
      check the box "For" next to the name of each proposed
      Director. If enough shareholders state their intention to
      vote "Against" the proposed directors, we can force
      changes in the Chairman of the Board of

      Currently, I am the holder of 20,000 shares of TGX and will
      vote "Against" the proposed slate of Directors unless
      a change is made in the Chairman of the

      I would very much appreciate hearing the position
      of other readers of this Board on this

      Let's make our position known by stating our intention
      to vote "Against" the proposed slate of Directors.

    • Okay, It is NOTICEABLE!!!!! BD, your posts
      DETRACT from this board. You and Paul trade your
      respective email addresses and take this pissing contest
      elsewhere. For the past 4 days, during a rather interesting
      time in the history of THRX stock, there were many
      very good and to the point posts. Now, you are back in
      town making inane, self agrandizing posts. And the
      silliness and stupidity are coming out in grand style. I
      repeat, the last few days without you on this board have
      been very nice.

      I like to read this board. You
      guys, practice some restraint!!!! Both of you are
      infuriating. GROW THE HELL UP! You both act like a couple of
      12 year olds. dog shows back up after vacation, Paul
      pisses on him. dog pisses back. Give it a

      I don't care what the heck you think of each other.
      Nobody does. I am hence forth skipping anything you
      post. It is all garbage.

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      • JNJ agreement from May 30, 1997. Runs for 7 years
        with automatic renewal for 3 after that. Specified a
        fixed price to THRX with no downside, but will
        participate in upside. Requires minimum sales by JNJ (not
        disclosed). Palladium was always selling at a premium to
        Iodine; Co. thinks it has much better efficiency and
        safety profile. In fact they see OR as their competitor,
        not Iodine. Process is protected by patents and that
        represents a significant barrier for entry. Also each
        Cyclotron costs about $5 mill. and entry financial costs
        are quite high, too. Finally, they know of some use
        of Palladium for other cancers, but nothing
        sistematic has been done, yet. They intend to pursue these
        new applications themselves, when sufficient capacity
        is available.

      • Bastefrequently:

        You are a grumpy fellow.
        No doubt about it. I can't recall anything you ever
        said that wasn't a gripe or moan about what you don't
        like. Get a life, will you? If you can't take a little
        fun and silliness mixed in with a regular fare of
        good data, you ought to skip most of the posts on

        Furthermore, if you think that 500 posts in three days brought
        quality and deep, unknown meaning to this thread, you are
        sadly mistaken. It's been here all along. There was,
        maybe, 20 new pieces of information that anyone with any
        background in this stock hasn't heard before Thursday. The
        posts were mainly from people feeling hopes and fears
        and expressing ideas. That's what this thread is all
        about. Your's and my ideas included.

        there was nothing "interesting" about the latest plunge
        in THRX stock price. The company is takeover bait
        with an undeserved black eye. What planet are you
        from, man?

        With that off my chest, I agree that
        some of your latest criticism about the dog is valid.
        The technical verbage of my earlier post about the
        LINACS was really sloppy. And my own doubts about NASI
        should be expressed in a fun, upbeat manner, as
        Stillwaters, from the Committee of Seven, pointed out long

        I find the comradry, fellowship and friends I have
        made on this thread much more important than your
        simple minded comments saturated in your own self
        loathing. I will not buckle under to a loud mouth creep who
        prides himself on basting others.

        Repeating an
        earlier post, Yahoo is about free speech. I read all the
        posts here; most people do. I wish you well with your
        long investment in THRX and hope that, you too, may
        find some words of truth and room for improvement in
        my basting remarks about you.


        Big Dog

      • Had a chat today with IR. Here is summary.
        don't see any pricing presure. Sold out thru Oct.
        Nycomed sold out thru EOY. Believe market is expanding,
        taking share from OR. Europe is about the size of US and
        huge new opportunity.
        JNJ has not done any active
        marketing, because of the supply constraint. They (JNJ) set
        up training program and anticipate active mark. in
        THRX has 5 cyclotrons, 6th in August, 7th in October,
        8th in the beg.99 and six more in 99. Belgian Co.
        IBA? supplies cyclotrons.
        Perhaps any of our
        European friends can check it out.

      • Dittoe to basteFrequently. Enough

        There is really a lot of good useful information which
        both of you guys can contribute. But, it would be nice
        to see the Pissing Contests End. PLEASE Cut the

        Thank you, Bastefrequently.

      • From the Motley Fool THRX board , 7/6 -
        several posts, there is mention of a recent article
        suggesting that radical prostatectomy may be more effective
        long term that iodine seeds. I suspect that this is
        the article that has been the subject of much
        discussion on the Yahoo THRX board. Acording to posts on
        that board (some of which were posted by urologists
        and/or radiology oncologists), that study was conducted
        by a physician who has a signifigant financial
        incentive in promoting radical prostatectomies, and the
        study already has been criticized because it relied
        almost exclusively on hand picked best case patients
        (thereby biasing the outcome). My friends who are
        urologists and radiology oncologists say that the more
        credible researh states that seed treatment on cases
        caught early (an important fact) show that seed therapy
        is equally effective (if not more so) without all
        the terrible side effects of the more radical
        proceedure. Also, using seeds is cheaper (and therefore will
        be alot more attractive to the HMOs which are now
        controlling our medical care. The only real losers in the
        seed revolution are those urologists who made a fair
        portion of their income form the expensive

        I am not suggesting that all (or even most)
        phycisians would not welcome an advancement that will
        benifit their patients at their expense. However, I
        suspect that a small few might be inclined to unfairly
        evaluate seeds in an effort to protect their bank

    • If you were profitable at $8 would you sell hoping for a $1 pullback?

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      • I understand you thinking here. TGX is showing
        serious resistance near $8/share. You probably could
        channel trade this one between 6.5 and 8 a few times and
        be successful. The problem is the darn fundementals.
        TGX is still undervalued at 7 a share. If the company
        can make a few mutual funds fall back in love with
        TGX's future, you might get caught selling at 8 and
        having to buy back at 10 to 15. I think if you want to
        channel trade you should probably hold a percentage of
        the stock in case it runs on unexpected news. Since
        TGX seems to be posting news after the close, an
        order imbalance causing a gap up (or down, aughhh!) is
        not out of the question.


        Disclosure: I am long TGX.

      • If I were a roller and if I'd made a tidy profit
        at $8, then yes, selling seems a reasonable thing to
        do followed by buying back in at $7'ish.

        However, as many of you are aware, I'm not a roller, I've
        not made a tidy profit at $8 (in fact about a 45%
        loss to date), so I am holding. My general philosophy
        is to buy companies I feel will have stock
        appreciation of 100% or more in 1-3 years, hold on and sit
        tight. This is still my approach with TGX which I
        believe will be a $30 stock in about 2 years. Frankly, I
        would likely buy more TGX if I weren't so interested in
        several other biotechs for the long haul (all of which I
        think have more potential than TGX over a 2-3 year


      • If I were a roller and if I'd made a tidy profit
        at $8, then yes, selling seems a reasonable thing to
        do followed by buying back in at $7'ish.

        However, as many of you are aware, I'm not a roller, I've
        not made a tidy profit at $8 (in fact about a 45%
        loss to date), so I am holding. My general philosophy
        is to buy companies I feel will have stock
        appreciation of 100% or more in 1-3 years, hold on and sit
        tight. This is still my approach with TGX which I
        believe will be a $30 stock in about 2 years. Frankly, I
        would likely buy more TGX if I weren't so interested in
        several other biotechs for the long haul (all of which I
        think have more potential than TGX over a 2-3 year


      • I understand you thinking here. TGX is showing
        serious resistance near $8/share. You probably could
        channel trade this one between 6.5 and 8 a few times and
        be successful. The problem is the darn fundementals.
        TGX is still undervalued at 7 a share. If the company
        can make a few mutual funds fall back in love with
        TGX's future, you might get caught selling at 8 and
        having to buy back at 10 to 15. I think if you want to
        channel trade you should probably hold a percentage of
        the stock in case it runs on unexpected news. Since
        TGX seems to be posting news after the close, an
        order imbalance causing a gap up (or down, aughhh!) is
        not out of the question.


        Disclosure: I am long TGX.

      • I'm like the rest of the long time longs around
        here, just hoping for the best, because I like the
        product and was up big bucks, once.By the way the name
        was meant to be viewed phonetically as in ~extra
        efforts~, oh well as the bard said "The best laid plans of
        mice and men oft go astray". As you have wisely
        noticed, I am new at this. LotsaLuck---x tra f rts

    • After reading the postings on this board over the
      weekend, yesterday, and today, it has become clear that,
      with the occasional exception, this board is made up
      of people with multiple agendas, most of them
      counterproductive to the direction that this board should be going.
      We have tried to post honest, informed, and accurate
      information for the benefit of current shareholders and
      potential investors, on this thread and others. We have yet
      to find a board that seems to appreciate the spirit
      in which we are sharing information. After leaving
      the INIS board in favor of this one, we thought we
      had found one. It looks like we were wrong. We wish
      you well, but echo the sentiments of some on this

      GROW UP!

      Therapy_Dr & Dr_D3

      • 5 Replies to Therapy_Dr
      • I apologize for my fellow countrymen's juvenile
        behavior. The downside of the freedom that We enjoy in the
        USA is that it is frequently wasted by some of our
        citizens. I am sad that you were not accorded a more
        civilized welcome by all of our citizens. Thank you very
        much for your learned input on the manufacture and use
        of radioisotopes for treating prostate cancer. I
        would follow your suit and leave this board if I didn't
        value the input of a select group. I select that group
        by using my delete key frequently. Good luck to you


      • You have brought a flame of truth to this board
        that burns brighter than any technical perspective we
        have ever seen. You have no idea how much I and
        numerous others here appreciate your words. I will feel
        great anguish and personal loss if you do not return to
        our midst soon, and a chorus of other contributers
        here who care echoed my sentiments today. Please be
        strong for those of us who wish to learn from your
        wisdom and experience. Please continue to share your
        thoughts in the face of disrespect and insults which
        plague this environment.

        A long time ago I took a
        self-imposed exile from this board for three weeks and
        contemplated whether it was worth continuing to post in the
        face of such insane, degenerate, obnoxious and
        persistent personal attacks. My critics, by the sheer volume
        and intensity of their assaults, had succeeded in
        discrediting me to many readers on this thread. Like thugs who
        burn down a library, it appeared to me that my many
        hours of toil and effort were being torched for no
        reason other than hatred, mistrust and the cheap thrills
        that the power of destruction can provide. Every
        possible reason to suspect my opinions and motivations has
        been explored in perverted detail and, for those who
        don't know me personally, the effect has been to
        neutralize my thoughts to those who don't know as much or
        follow the thread carefully. I have even had up to four
        different imposters post on this thread using my own ID in
        slightly different, virtually undetectable

        But I came back because the world needs Howard
        Roarks, those who keep a single candle lit for truth in
        the darkness of man's ignorance and primitive
        instincts, and press on despite the slings and arrows. The
        Galileos and Newtons and Churchills all earned the
        greatest respect after they were gone and the truth of the
        words and deeds lived on. You, as much as anyone here,
        can bring light to the world of brachy on this thread
        if you will only press on with courage and
        forgiveness in your heart. If you let the monkeys get the
        best of you, we will never improve the Planet of the

        Please, I beg you, don't take the easy way out and let
        the lunatics and skeptics on this thread beat you
        down. Please respond to my questions in post 4569 which
        may have been lost in their trash. What do you make
        of Inis' press release of yesterday which stated
        that the scientists who completed the Denton tour were
        highly impressed by Inis' work thus far? Is this a
        credible report, or were the scientists who toured their
        facilities far too polite to say what they really thought?

      • Hope you will reconsider leaving this board.Im
        sure there are many of us very interested in TGX who
        just stand on the sidelines reading and appreciating
        all productive info that many of you provide. Once
        again I and I'm sure I speak the wishes of many that
        you respectfully reconsider.
        Thanx much

      • We've read your honest, informed and accurate
        gospel posted in this board. Honestly, your gospel have
        made us into believing that Santa will kind enough
        this Christmas by handing us the long awaited TGX
        profit. But, we what we are about to get is
        your african fast-talking gorilla name BigDog.

      • I sincerely hope you will reconsider your
        thoughts to leave this board. This is exactly what the
        shorts want, i.e. for the well informed to become so
        frustrated with the drivel that the longs who are willing to
        post good information leave and stop posting solid
        facts. The shorts want the longs to be uninformed so
        that a panic of selling may ensue. However, the
        relevant posts that you have made (along with Big Dog and
        many others) have provided many extra facts and solid
        evidence that TGX is a good company with good prospects.
        Please have patience and stick to this thread; you need
        not post everyday, but I hope you do not
        disappear...if so, then the shorts have accomplished their goal.
        You will very quickly know who the shorts are and who
        the longs are; I just click through the posts of the
        likes of Gordo & Co.

        The fact that the shorts
        have been out en masse recently is encouraging to
        me...that means they're desparate to drive the price down.
        The hotter the message board, the hotter the stock is
        likely to be down the road. More solid posts by such as
        yourselves helps to point out that the shorts never post any
        factual or even relevant information.

        Again, I
        reiterate that I hope you stick with this


    • I've been a stockholder since the stock was in
      the $5 to $6 pre-split range.
      I've attended the
      past two annual shareholders meetings.
      At both, I
      have asked questions that I was burning to know the
      answers to.
      I will be attending this one also.
      any of you have a great question, one that if you had
      the answer to, would be of great help in riding this
      most hilly roller coaster?
      If so, please reply.

      • 5 Replies to limbswinging
      • Limbswinging:

        Great idea to ask questions
        from us at annual meeting! I'd like to know, does THRX
        have a game plan they can comment upon beyond 1999?
        This is what's holding stock price down, as much as
        anything. No one can see what happens after cyclo 14. More
        cyclos? Diversification into other cancer therapies other
        than radioactive implants?

        If anyone else on
        this thread is planning to attend, it would be great
        to know. I've thought about it for a while. There's
        17 or so stocks in my portfolio, but this is the one
        I care about the most. If we could get enough folks
        here to attend, we could have a drink(s)and discussion
        afterward (my treat). I'll hop in the Jeep and head down to
        Atlanta if we can get at least nine other folks on the
        thread to commit to coming!

        Big Dog

      • Question #1: Are the cyclotrons coming on-line
        according to plan?

        Question #2: Where does THRX
        stand with regards to additional uses for product (i.e.
        news re: brain or lung cancer)

        Question #3: Has
        the # of medical facilities and/or # of individual
        doctors using our product increased and if so by what

        Keep us posted after the meeting. Thanks

      • At the annual meeting ask about North American
        Symbol NASI. It's name was been battered around on these

        M.H. Meyerson 7 Co. has an MD/Analyst that follows the
        company and they have a buy on this small company. They
        also deal with radioactive therapy similar to

        I feel very strongly that Theragenics has a much
        better product which is proved by the substantially
        larger sales for theragenics verses NASI. However, is
        NASI's products just coming on line or how do they

        This threat is current whereas the biotech company
        with the potential cancer cure is years away.

      • 1. I would like to know what they are doing this
        year to automate assembly process since they got rid
        of the previous automation vendor? See Christine's
        comments in the annual report, p.2.

        2. Will they
        share production levels of the cylotrons?

        3. Any
        comments on the use of cylotrons versus linear accelerator
        (NASI approach) in terms of production yields and

        4. How about putting section on company internet web
        page to field shareholder questions, i.e. e-mail
        comments or questions?
        Could cut down Ron Warren's time
        on the phone fielding all our

        Going to try to make meeting but doubtful right

        Thanks in advance,

      • Limbswinging: We must have bought on around the
        same time and I also have been attending the meetings,
        but unfortunately am unanle to do so this year. Going
        to try to get my broker to attend and if so will
        share any info with this board. I hope any one else who
        goes does the same . This is a great message board and
        the quality of the contributers Q's & A's are
        thoughtful and most of the time significant. I would like to
        know 1./ how much they are spending on R&D ? 2./ Is
        the research they are doing going into fields other
        than medical (industrial, commercial applications
        Thanks, keep up the good dialog.

    • I made a pilot buy at 7.25. The gen'l market was
      down and TGX up on greater than ave. vol. For the
      first time in two weeks the stock has closed in the top
      half of the intraday range. Most certainly will be
      some choppiness ahead. Stop at 6 3/8 and will short if
      it breaks 6. Plan to buy more if the stock can break
      7 9/16.

      No averaging down here. I think
      that is one of the worst mistakes one can make and one
      that obviously got a lot of folks who post or posted
      here in trouble.

      More later.

      • 5 Replies to Stock_Detective
      • Unrelated topic --- SD: Did you sale all of your
        AVEI shares or are you still holding? If still
        holding, when do you intend to sell? Apologies to everyone
        else, but I am interested what SD is doing with his
        holdings... Another thing: In terms of upside potential, how
        would you compare TGX to AVE? Thanks in advance.

      • keep those numbers coming. I want 3 days follow thru after this rough ride, before I can look at any. But love sponging off of yours. Its so tempting to buy, but we have to be smart.

      • To all my stalwart TGX longs;

        Keep the
        faith. I and the committee of seven still stand by our
        predictions of a stock price of $110.

        We knew that
        when we started the arduous trek up Brachy Hill that
        the climb would be difficult. And now that we are in
        the valley of despair, it is no time to be faint of
        heart. We can still see the glimmer of light that shines
        so brightly from the promised peak. We shall
        continue to persevere in the face of adversity. To give up
        hope now would admit defeat to the evil LONG empire,
        and that we shall never do.

        Even though
        aaBVAL has lost over a million dollars, myself over
        fifty thousand, and other members of the committee have
        suffered similar financial catastrophes, we will not fail
        in our quest to discover the Holy Grail of Prostate
        treatment and fiduciary nirvana.

        We are now in the
        process of forming a raiding party to assail Atlanta
        Georgia for the annual stockholders meeting. We can storm
        the fortress of TGX and rescue our fair maiden
        Princess Jacobs from the evil minions of Wall Street

        Come and join with us oh valiant warriors
        of TGX! Together we can dispell the dark clouds that
        hang over Camelot and restore our glorious Queendom to
        it's rightful place in business legend.

        One for
        all and all for one!

      • where you think the first major resistance is, after 7 9/16. Would appreciate it. Thanx L.

    • To All:

      One week from today TGX will take
      a moment to comment upon the state of its health
      and the market for Palladium seeds in prostate cancer
      treatment. If the fundamentals of the company remain intact
      from one year ago, and management does not disclose
      any new major investments in automation, facilities,
      production capability or research, we should be looking at
      earnings of 15 cents per share.

      The past six months
      for TGX are a classic example of why bad things
      happen to good stocks. In retrospect, we see that a
      share price of 35 in April of 1998 based on anticipated
      earnings from the installation of 10 new cyclos over two
      years, was folly. Based on its normal cylical pattern,
      TGX should have bottomed out at 24 and resumed its
      upward momentum afterward with the Q2 earnings
      announcement. Unfortunately, as we all know, it fell through
      that price support level and kept falling.

      As it became apparent that TGX was running late with
      cyclo five and the street began to get nervous, a new
      stock analyst issued a hold on the stock, the first in
      a long, long period of aggressive buy
      recommendations from other firms. Then the Cabot newsletter,
      largely responsible for the stock's original too high
      valuation, issued a sell recommendation. A great many TGX
      longs, including myself, rushed in at this point to buy
      enormous quantities of stock. But instead of being heros,
      we were ambushed.

      Right on the heels of the
      Cabot selloff, the investment firm of Dain issued a
      report backing up the new analyst's observation that the
      market was oversupplied with radioactive seeds. The
      battle of July 2nd became the slaughter of July 3rd as
      these firms, market makers and others colluded in a
      massive short attack that drove the stock to its very
      knees before a slight recovery. The worst effect, in
      terms of momentum for the share price, was that
      stockholders were largely demoralized.

      By this time TGX
      decided to exercise an option to enter the NYSE. Market
      makers on the NASDAQ, and others, chose to dump their
      inventories and the price was driven down again as and after
      TGX changed boards. By this time TGX management had
      remedied the construction delays and it was back on track
      with its cyclo installation plans, but then the next
      kick in the stomach was delivered to

      A bear market. After all shareholders had been
      through, it looked like fortunes were ready to turn
      around. But we were not so lucky. First Japan, then
      Russia, then Latin America tanked economically. Our
      President was nailed in a sexual scandal. The spectre of
      world economic kaos was played out in the media and the
      doom of the depression years was replayed over and
      over again with the prospect of worldwide economic

      Our stock was down, down lower than it
      had ever been. And then, picking itself up off the
      mat in the great boxing ring of Wall Street, the
      media kicked us right in the stomach again by giving
      widespread inaccurate negative coverage to a study which
      appeared to contradict dozens of other supportive,
      posititive studies for our product.

      So here we find
      ourselves today. As the realization begins to take hold
      that the U.S. economy may not even go into recession
      at all, and that TGX offers a wonderful, life saving
      product that cures prostate cancer in the early stages,
      we have all the makings of a rally over the next few
      years if earnings are on track and fundamentals for the
      stock have not changed. From the ashes of demoralized
      investor dreams and portfolios, TGX can rise to even
      higher, sustainable stock prices now that its on the

      October 22nd will give us the answer to what the coming
      months hold in store once this bear market has been
      skinned. I, for one, will be eagerly awaiting the

      Big Dog

      • 5 Replies to bigdogofnorthcarolin
      • Excellent post Big Dog; many thanks from this
        newcomer to the board.

        Schwab indicates a mean
        earnings estimate of 0.11 based on four broker's
        estimates; on 9-16 Christine Jacobs said she was comfortable
        with those estimates. If you're right about a 0.15
        announcement, then the stock price should take a very nice pop
        on the 20th (I saw somewhere that the earnings were
        to be announced on the 19th; perhaps I'm remembering
        incorrectly). Could you provide more details about your 0.15


      • Your overview of the past history of TGX was
        excellent and gives any newcomer to this board a general
        awareness of what has happened to the stock this past year.
        Your post should be bookmarked for later reference.
        Welcome back. Contrary to some on this board, your views
        are appreciated.

      • I had the Pd-103 implants 3 weeks ago. in
        conjunction with external beam radiation and testosterone
        suppression treatment. Fortunately my cancer was ddetected
        early. I avoided all the trauma associated with radical
        prostatectomy. And, I feel great. Preliminary tests show
        complete cure - although the test next week will be more
        I did some research and decided to buy TGX, only
        1000 shares - I am conservative, especially in light
        of the recent bear market, which seeks to lull
        investors into returning and then zaps them instantly.

        What we are looking at here, in my opinion, is a whole
        new medical paradigm, which is exploding. Large sums
        of money are being spent all over the country to
        build new facilities for this treatment. The cream of
        the profession is being lured by huge salary offers.
        The backlog is growing and doctors must precisely
        schedule the operations. It is incumbent on the supplier,
        TGX, and whoever, to get those seeds delivered in a
        precise timely fashion. So far, the profession seems too
        hold TGX in the top priority for reliability.
        fact that TGX is investing for the future is
        encouraging. And, the rest of the pack is scrambling to get
        into the game.
        Ordinarily, I do not invest in a
        company that has only one or two products. And, if the
        barrier to entry is so low as it is with TGX. But, TGX is
        the leader in a technology which can revolutionize
        the prostate cancer industry. And, so far, it has had
        the capability of controlling prices. And, expansion
        has been financed by cash flow. TGX has a head start
        and could be a candidate for a buyout. So, I am
        ignoring my caveats in this case.
        I have been reading
        this board every day. I am indebted to big dog and the
        other serious contributors for their inputs. Just
        wanted to relate my own personal experience and

      • Sure hope you are right! But it will take a few
        qtrs of good earnings and a change in market sentiment
        to get the ball rolling north, in my
        Getting a second or third cancer that the seed will work
        in would make the market stop treating the seed as a
        commodity, I think.
        How is the move coming along? Looong
        and loosin but not really concerned at this


      • Hear Hear!! or, Bark Bark!! Excellent summary BD,
        thanks for taking the time to do it. .15 is aggressive
        but doable this quarter; we just need to keep a close
        eye on the competition to make sure it continues to
        lack any substance. It may take awhile for the tarnish
        to be wiped off the stock, even if the earnings
        crush estimates.

    • I've been following this stock from a distance
      (after falling back to $7, going up again by 70% and now
      almost back where I started following, namely

      I always blamed myself I didn't get in at $7 but
      later did not closely follow.

      Is there a
      particular reason for the decline?
      Does the fact that the
      Belgium based company (IBt), founded by former employees
      of TGX started commercialising it's products have
      anything to do with it?

      Thanks in advance for an

      • 4 Replies to duvel_lover
      • a small part of what is going on, and they are
        not the only entrants. TGX, with all their cyclotrons
        and access to the Oak Ridge facility appears to have
        the capacity to hold their own against any thing I
        have seen announced.

        I think the problem with
        this stock's price lies elsewhere.

        Now that my
        screen is showing some red ink on a number of batches of
        TGX, I got back into research mode. I called the
        company and that led me to the N.Y. Times article
        mentioned earlier on this thread and which came out on
        Monday 12/6 (page A-1).

        A little more digging
        brought out the story. It seems that HCFA was in the
        process of cutting reimbursements for brachytherapy from
        $15,000 to $1,500, and that was to not include ANY MONEY
        FOR SEEDS. Woooa! That would have been a bullet to
        the brain. And as usual, the move would have been
        endlessly stupid. It would have forced patients back to
        surgery and all the after care problems that happen on
        that front. In other words, HCFA would have put the
        patient back into an expensive inpatient hospital stay
        and run him through all the additonal expenses of
        after care and blown away as much or more than they set
        out to "save".

        This idea was put to rest in
        the bill discussed in the N.Y. Times article. The
        bill has been signed by Pres. Clinton.

        I am
        quite sure that sophisticated analysts and investors
        with good info sources have had this wacky proposal in
        mind when evaluating TGX. Heck, if I had known I would
        probably have blown out of the stock rather than hope for
        any sense out of Congress/Pete Stark et

        Note that this victory appears to be the result of
        TGX's relationship with JNJ who are old hands at the
        lobbying game. Let's not get to down on JNJ/Indigo. Always
        nice to have a friend with a big stick.

        By the
        way, JNJ's ads drew more than the accustomed
        responses. They are likely to resume soon on a more targeted
        basis: FLA, AZ, NY etc..

        I also learned that
        Palladium, which used to be used for Gleason scores of 7+ is
        now being used at 4,5 and 6 levels.

        Back to
        the company for a moment: half of all orders are
        being shipped the week they are received. That means
        there is no longer a backorder target for competition
        to shoot at.

        And yes, the recent earnings
        estimate reduction was due to accelerating R&D. No
        comment: just the implication that they have good reason
        to spend the money in spite of the short term
        consequences. I hope so.

        And yes, CJ did buy a house
        with her stock sale proceeds. Big del!

        anyone considering cryo should insist on finding out the
        effect it has on impotence ... like maybe 100%. The
        freezing freezes nerve tissue too and there goes the fun.
        Sort of like trying to freeze one half of a glass of
        water without affecting the other. If there is anything
        new that works, it is not showing up anywhere that I

      • as suggested by aalcapone (and others prior to
        him), in large part the decline is due to a lack of
        news and pr...something tgx is, well, pretty lousy

        lowrider quite reasonably suggested some of the fall may
        be due to tax loss selling.

        from a
        fundamental standpoint the company looks very solid to me.
        you are looking at an estimated 22-30% growth rate
        depending on which analysts you read. hard to say where the
        stock price is headed from here, but historically
        lowrider has done a very good job playing the ups and
        downs of this stock...he just purchased at 8

        from another perspective, there is blood everywhere
        thanks to all the negative doubts (however
        unsubstantiated they are) that the shorts have placed in the
        minds of the board readers. dd's exit and cover is
        probably an indication that the sentiment will change near
        term...the question is, at what price will the turning point
        take place? with the stock sentiment being knee deep
        in the hoopla, that is often a sign that things are
        near bottom.

        ibt is so far behind in terms of
        production capavility vs. tgx, they are essentially not a


      • teamed with some of the world's most wealthy and influencial people to find a cure for protate and other cancers. SOunds like they bring considerable ammo to the battle.

      • This company has no PR and consequently, no
        positive news. Whenever it has a run up on positive news,
        it usually slides back into oblivion gradually on no

        Buy at the beginning of the run up before earnings,
        then immediately sell when earnings come out as
        nothing spectacular. You should be able to buy it cheap
        again and repeat the cycle.

    • Hi guys,
      I'm one of those evil shorters who
      seem to be the cause of all your woes lately.
      Unfortunately, I don't think my 200 share stake can move the
      markets that much. I have been short since September(Ave.
      price: $14.75). I didn't bail out when the stock ran up,
      although I did hedge myself with calls when the price got
      over $20.

      I'm primarily a technical trader.
      One thing that Stock Detective didn't mention is that
      the retracement from the low in August was an almost
      perfect 50% move relative to the March highs around $35.
      I would not be surprised to see TGX make a new low
      before the year ends, although I don't think I would
      hold my position in hopes of getting there. A retest
      of the lows that is successful? I think that's the
      most likely scenario. I use TA because I don't believe
      an average small investor like us can ever know
      enough fundamentally and in a timely manner to make
      accurate judgements on a company and be successful. TA
      shows me what the SMART MONEY is doing. The smart money
      has been selling TGX since March, and they're not
      ready to start buying yet!

      Personally, I like
      TGX, and thanks to the postings on this board, I will
      probably go long sometime in the future. BTW, my dad had
      prostate cancer about 5 years ago and didn't have TGX's
      technology as an option. He had surgery(and is doing great).
      So don't try to paint me as a bad guy trying to make
      money off of noble humans like yourself and wishing
      people to die from cancer. I'm scared to death of
      getting cancer and hope they find a cure for it ASAP! I'm
      just a guy trying to do what everyone else is doing-
      make a few bucks so I can retire in relative comfort.
      Shorting stocks has made me a decent amount of money, and
      I'll do it whenever the smart money tells me it's the
      thing to do.

      OK, short-bashers, give me your
      best shot!

      Good luck trading!

      • 4 Replies to ChiTrader
      • me, and I suspect few others will rush to jump on
        you. I think what most of us (or at least in my case)
        object to is a co-ordinated or orchestrated attack to
        manipulate a stock price that is not based on any
        fundamentals but purely because
        it is easy to get away
        with. Murphy's rule of law applies,
        "If it can be
        screwed with it will be". Appreciate your insight.

      • ChiTrader,
        No bashing here!! Excellent,
        well-reasoned and well written post. Me? Since I work for a
        financial firm, I'm not ALLOWED to short. I would LOVE to
        have shorted it at 22 a few weeks ago.

        I'm just watching the re-re-tracement; with my newly
        built armor from the pummeling of July and August, I'm
        not gnashing my teeth daily over the action, just
        laughing at, once again, the pack of barking dogs chasing
        each others tails in circles.

        I'm also
        totaling up exactly how much cash I have left in my
        brokerage account, because almost every dime of it is going
        into newly cheap TGX stock as soon as this worm turns
        again. Not margin - CASH. Earnings growing 60-80% a year
        at a price of 30x earnings or less is a rare
        bargain. I sincerely hope the price drops to 10 again so I
        can buy it there and make just that much more

        Remember, in shorting you're limited to a maximum
        gain of 100% - and that's if the stock gets delisted.
        Buying during this kind of volatility - AT THE RIGHT
        TIME - is at least as lucrative.

        Good luck to
        all - short, long, skinny, wide. Be smaht!!

      • One thing to note that is rather significant re:
        this intermediate pullback from 11/4 high relative to
        the run up from 10/8 to 11/4 is that the downturn has
        occurred on substantially less volume than the run up. In
        fact, the sell off from the intermediate high on the
        4th to the present has not had one day, save two,
        including today, that has had volume greater than 200K.
        Whereas the run up had a number of days in excess of 250K
        and one up day that was close to 500K.

        at the chart it seems 14 is a level that the price
        has occillated around since its drop on 7/2. If this
        is correct we should see the price go down below 12
        before heading back up.

        But volume follows the
        trend and what this suggests is that action from 11/4
        to present is not the dominant direction the stock
        will take using a longer time frame than a few

        More later.

      • Well, you know my opinion about shorting, so I'm not going to restate my case. Maybe after a few weeks I'll get enflamed again, but not at the moment...don't have the time.


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