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  • marketmover2002 marketmover2002 Nov 11, 2002 11:21 AM Flag

    lets see if we can close above $13 toda

    y i would love to get a +4 point day back in this jewl!!!we need news and i should say some good news to move us up big !!!

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    • Funny, you call still call BRCM a "jewl" at $11.47, because you were also calling BRCM a "jewl" too � ironically with the same incorrect spelling also � at $33.19:

      holding very good i"ll buy more on Mond
      by: marketmover2002
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 04/26/02 04:26 pm
      Msg: 170327 of 193640

      ay if things cool down a little but don't short this jewl.only buy on a dip and sell around $37 or $39 and buy at $32.5 and $30 if you can

      Aside from your position at $33.19, how's your 380,000 share position at $20.02 from 08/22 doing these days (assuming you got all 380,000 filled at the $20.02 low of the day), hmmm??? Well, according to my math, you're down $3,249,000, about 43% in less than 3 months. You did say to watch how much you were up, right??? Well that's exactly what I'm doing, and it's absolutely hilarious:

      jjmucio, are you losing your ass by not
      by: marketmover2002
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 08/22/02 10:57 am
      Msg: 193659 of 193930

      covering , good thing you saw the 120k and 100k and 160000 shares i bought i posted it and some of you idiots could go back and check se how much i'm up???you won't be able to count you idiot i have been profitable for a long time . let the market tell you what to do , don't tell the market what to do moron!!!!

      So who�s the moron now, hmmm?????

      By the way, I'm curious, since you bought 380,000 at $20.02, how much did you buy at $33.19?



      P.S. Will the JACKASS who recommended marketmover2002's post today please come forward.

    • i guess people daydream on veterans day

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