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  • non_judgement non_judgement Feb 5, 2006 11:52 AM Flag

    Bush makes mess for Hillary to clean


    ;<+Yahoo News: Bush cut Veterans funds
    -More than 260,000 veterans can not get VA Health Care (several VA hospitals had to close years ago, due to funds cut)
    -Cut $13B student aids funds
    -Iraq war cost $2 trillions
    -2,400 deaths. 10,000�s injured, handicapped
    -$400 B budget deficit/year
    -$2,300 B cumulative deficit in Bush�s 5 yrs
    -Huge National Debts
    -$66/barrel; $2.45/gallon
    -Stock indices only fluctuate, not steadily up
    -Cut funds of Veterans, Medicare, Medicaid, Scientific Research, Higher Education, Housing, Social Programs, etc
    -Housing prices unaffordable to working class
    -Gives huge tax cut to super wealthy, rich class
    -Revealed CIA operative
    -Bribed media for "fake positive news"
    -Halliburton no-bid contracts
    - 2M laid-off

    Bush: Under the above condition, stock indices only fluctuate up and down, thus, only IDIOTS expect stock indices increase steadily. Don't expect oil price breaks, either ! Only Hillary Clinton is able to revert my huge budget deficit to multi-billions budget surplus.

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    • What type of person comes up with a moniker like "rush_lamebaugh" on an internet forum? That fool word comes to mind. I mean really, your disdain for a radio host is the way you want to establish your identity? Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

      Speaking of parties, I can just imagine the type of parties you attend, the type where all of you commiserate about how terrible America is because of Bush, the war, wiretapping, global warming, overpopulation... and all the non-issues JACKASSES like you are consumed with.

      Begone? I think I'll stick around just to make your life even more miserable than it already is.


    • > I compare it to the same crap you do day in and day out. Come here and vent your frustrations to a mass of invisible fans. Hoping you just might win the SUPERBOWL of STOCKS. <

      How is that different from the NONSTOP BRCM CHEERLEADING YOU DO in the hope BRCM will go up? Do you actually think your rah, rah, rah is what moved the price of this thing? Guess those operating results had nothing to with it.

      Of course the owners and players are successful! After all, JACKOFFS like you are willing to pay to watch a GAME that grade and high school kids play every day. Hype something up enough, and fools like you will pay through the nose for tickets or watch on TV for hours on end, where advertisers know they can dupe fools like you into buying their brand of hemorroid treatment or whatever. And in the end, what was accomplished as a result of the little game?

      By the way, judging from all the griping on the boards over the game this year by FANS LIKE YOU, what exactly was the purpose of it? I mean, if you didn't even enjoy it? At least they got your money.


    • i don't know about that. It seems kinda sissyboy to see a bunch of grown men in tights and trying to fetch a pointed ball all day long. Now that's gay.


    • Sports are good if you play them.........not watch them.............

    • You should be bitchin about muslims with posters aying behead anyone who insults mohamed...and the real holocaust is about to begin...

    • Sorry if I offended any homos. But you have to admit jj not knowing who played on Sunday is kinda gay.

    • That isn't what real men call it.

    • actually its called FUN...JOKING....HUMOR...FUCKIN AROUND...Get a grip man and fuckin chill...

    • Homophobia is alive and well on this board.

    • <It seems most successful people don't even know who was playing this weekend. Coincidence? I think not.>

      The cowboys from Brokeback Mountain, Labrador, jjmuccio,....what other successful people am I missing?

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