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  • capitalistguy capitalistguy Feb 12, 2006 9:00 AM Flag

    BRCM Set To Rocket in 2006...Read this

    With Broadcom powering the new next-gen iPOD, this high margin chipset will propel revenues and earnings way beyond current expectatons.

    The new chipsets integrate voice, video, bluetooth, digital camera, music etc.- all with cellular technology.

    When Apple releases this new product, attention will be drawn to broadcom based on consumer driven appeal and excitement.

    I see BRCM shares trading over $100/share by end of this summer.

    BRCM will provide the hottest silicon on the planet. It will power the most sought after consumer device of the next 2 years- the new Apple video, voice converged iPOD..

    stay tuned... this week in Barcelona at the 3G conference the early references to the new iPOD launch may be heard... BRCM will rise over $75/share quickly...


    ps. Put me down as a BRCM long for the next 12 months. And this is not the only reason to like BRCM!!

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    • lol. your posting a year old article that references a 2004 occurence. that is funny. you do know that this already played out and that BRCM did get a piece of the video ipod i hope. generally that means the current stock price reflects that news. some times i feel bad taking in some of the easy money when stocks become blindly bought but not your piece of it this time.

      you need to look around to understand that the market has successfully corrected almost every high PE stock in the past month. GOOG, AAPL, ISRG, WFMI, BOT, SNDK, almost every oil and metal stock this past week... have all gone through a 10% - 30% haircut. not all of these stocks will trade back to their previous levels as rotations take place. If you believe that BRCM is the only stock left that deserves a 68 PE this should be fun.

      this stock will go down to the 50's.. it is a good company though so should make some or all of that back by years end.

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      • Stocks do not correct just because they had good runs. Stocks correct when something causes the momentum to shift. GOOG and WFMI missed, SNDK has increasing competition from MU and INTC, AAPL was light on guidance and is going through a product transition.
        BOT seems to be just fine to me.
        Now if you look at BRCM, the earnings and the guidance are solid, upbeat. BRCM don't even have much competition.
        Until any of that changes BRCM will keep on going higher. The only corrections you will get are the brief 2 point pull backs.

        AAPL's transition to wireless iPods will only mean more business for BRCM. (AAPL is not even using much of BRCM chips right now)

      • kimo-

        You are mistaken on the aricle relative to Broadcom's Alphamosaic chip operation being selected by Apple to drive the video iPOD as 2004 news, read again. 2005.

        Additionally, where has this development been announced by BRCM or Apple?

        BRCM has room to move to up soon. This stock is undervalued.

        Earnings will soar in 2006-2007.

        stay tuned...


    • The article is over 7 months old. Where have you been. It is probably already priced in the stock.

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      • It was a forward looking article when published.
        It's all being materialized right now.
        We will very likely get some good news this week. With as many shorts in the stock as it there seems to be, price may easily jump much higher on any good news. News with AAPL will be rather huge.

      • jj-

        The earnings growth and upward guidance have moved the stock to where it should be.

        This article was beneath the radar of the general public. No announcements have been made by Apple or Broadcom.

        If you think the release of the new video and voice Apple iPOD, powered by Broadcom chipsets will not affect the shares, think again.

        What will you be saying in September when Apple is promoting the heck out of it and it is flying off the shelves? That is when the value of this is priced in- at over $100/share, post split.

        Where have I been? Accumulating BRCM shares which are still way UNDERVLAULED!!

        Why? The BRCM PEG ratio is only about 1.27. Very low. Should be around 1.8 or more, easily. Many stocks with much less rapid growth potential have PEs around 1.8 or more.

        This all points to BRCM running to $100/share soon.


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