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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 9, 2009 6:31 PM Flag


    That is teh future

    look for safe dividends all over the planet

    new era has begun...........

    western civilization drunken sailor life style can not be funded by asian savers anymore.....................

    fraudcom single digits is absolute..................

    and no dividend folks

    home grown fiancial alquaida buste dthe working class in usa


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    • Technology stocks are bubble and it will bursts like housing and finance market within the next few months.

      Bad news, high inventory, dim outlook, and low demands.....No Bailout.

    • I was just reading TraderMark on greenfaucet. He's a guy I follow and he doesn't seem to be at all impressed by TXN's statements today. Nor did he like what BRCM had to say. I gotta agree with you here my friend!

    • Eat silicon drunken sailors


      yes 18 is lower we go next................

      (((why we are where we are, the fix, and no way out.... )))

      i don't know why this is so difficult for so many to understand.....the problem is simple, the "fix" is an insane folly and the end game is clear as day....

      debt. Pure and simple it is all about debt

      debt as money, fractional banking, the manipulation of debt by the fed, the leverage of debt, debt for consumption, debt as the foundation of the global financial system

      home owner debt, credit card debt, sovereign debt, corporate debt, debt for is all one and the same

      the "fix" is exactly what has been implemented many times in the past....

      lower rates, manipulate the system, encourage debt assumption and lending, foster leverage and risk taking, inflate a bubble to tap for consumption

      same "fix" every time

      in the past the "fix" seemingly worked...cutting rates led to the housing bubble, the dot com bubble, the commodity provided fuel for more debt assumption which obviously led to greater consumption, profits and psudeo prosperity

      rates can't go lower now....the pendulum of boom/bust has swung too far....we are at peak debt now, the point where no further debt can be assumed to fuel the next consumption binge

      the cost of servicing all the existing debt is too large and new debt cannot be taken on to spur the next fake boom

      the us government now pays 20 billion a month in interest

      the imf is giving mexico and poland and others tens of billions so they can make payments on existing debt!!

      more debt to service unservicable existing eh?

      this is the folly and why there is no cannot cure a debt problem with more debt creation

      there is nothing complicated about this, you don't need charts or voodoo t/a or a phd fucking economist to explain it

      we have lived via debt...the "lifeblood" of the economy and that was a flawed premise right from the was always going to lead to this day

      now they throw trillions at the problem where in previous recessions they threw billions....the arc of the pendulum swings ever more wildly

      this is a quantum leap in debt creation, historic, without measureable comprehension and it has dire consequences

      first it only exaserbates the problem created by does not matter if it is private or public, debt is debt and it must be serviced

      second it only delays the inevitable by pulling forward demand that will disappear later and it saddles everyone with even greater indebtedness that again must be serviced

      compounding interest cuts both ways!!!

      for the lender it makes you rich, for the borrower it makes you poor

      it is exponential in nature, a catch 22 with no way out

      doubt me? Go live off your credit cards and see how long you live large

      same thing with nations, states, counties, individuals...debt is death and always was, is and will be

      there is no fix other than wholesale default and reset of the system but that means insolvency for huge numbers of people, nations, companies etc

      that itself would bring down the system as surely as more of the same debt creation for consumption will

      so there is no way out, no solution and we are going to march to a very very dark future

      not if only when

      there is no fix

      dr. Doom

      read on pushhamburger dot com

      164 days to civil unrest

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        FRAUDCOM CROOKS..............

        R WE AT $18 YET?


      • ‘Rise of Obama, India, China could trigger violence in US’

        New York, April 18
        After protests against Indian steel and a right-wing radio show host calling Indians "slumdogs" for doing outsourced American jobs, India's rise could be a factor in triggering radical violence in the US, warns an intelligence report.

        Prepared by the Department of Homeland Security, the report says that Barack Obama's election as the first black president, rising unemployment because of the economic crisis, and resentment against rising India and China could revive right-wing radical extremism in the US.

        Granite City in Obama's home state of Illinois had witnessed protests this week over the use of Indian steel to build 1,600-mile (about 2570 km) pipeline from Canada to Oklahoma.

        Earlier this week, right-wing radio show host Rush Limbaugh called Indians handling outsourced jobs “slumdogs”. The pugnacious conservative talk show host outraged Americans some time ago by saying that he wanted President Obama to fail.

        The latest intelligence report, circulated among state authorities, warns that various factors could lead to a violent backlash by conservative groups.

        Citing the case of 1995 Oklahoma City bomber and Gulf War hero Timothy McVeigh, who killed 165 people to avenge government clampdown on a right-wing religious sect in Texas and rural militias, the report warns that some disgruntled veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan could join conservatives to "boost the capabilities of extremists to carry out violence".

        Citing a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report, the intelligence document warns that some troops returning from Afghanistan and Iraq had already joined extremist groups.

        Like McVeigh, any trained US military veteran could carry out independent attacks or help form terrorist cells, thus posing “the most dangerous domestic terrorism threat”, according to the report quoted in the US media.

        Obama's election as the first black president and his proposed legislation for tighter gun controls have not gone down well with conservative groups.

        “The economic downturn and the election of the first African American president present unique drivers for right-wing radicalisation and recruitment,” according to the report.

        Apart from these domestic factors, the rising economic clout of China, India and Russia could also trigger right-wing radicalisation in the US, the intelligence report cautions. — IANS

    • At IT AGAIN????? Call it a day for crying out loud. You have been wrong calling on BRCM MRVL

    • Perhaps it was a grand error of judgment to host the G20 Meeting in London. The epicenter of the financial hegemony, corruption, hidden agency influence, and financial market destruction has clearly been the United States and the United Kingdom working in tandem. So great risk comes with the hosting of this meeting in London. The British Empire, aka Great Britain, is the site of the most devastating economic and banking ruin in a century, on a scale much larger than Iceland, but with a certain hand in the Iceland downfall. Millions of British citizens are angry, worried, and justifiably so. Their economists, bankers, and government leaders have presided over at best a severe national decline that must withstand diverse reform and reconstruction, and over at worst a national failure of state that must endure a collapse before any conceivable reconstruction. The decline if not collapse in the UK seemed for a time to lag that of the US, but lately events have accelerated inside the harrowed United Kingdom. The United States has the advantage of just printing trillion$ and floating about for a bit much like a derelict vessel with feigned movement!

      Certainly it was a grand error of judgment at the February Davos Global Economic Forum for President Obama not to attend. He used extremely bad judgment in sending TinyTim Geithner as his minion envoy, the Treasury Secretary who bears Goldman Sachs stripes, and likely GSax branded skivvies. Obama took harsh criticism for skipping an opportunity to meet with certain heads of state in attendance, key banking and industrial leaders. He could have met Russian leaders Putin and Medvedev, who truly stole the entire Davos show. My guess is that Obama was deeply intimidated at the Davos prospect, was busy assembling a staff, but had no choice now. The chorus of criticism, if not revolt against the US$, has grown deafening. The US$-based global financial structure is broken, without any doubt irrevocably. The last to notice are the USGovt and US banking stewards, who are busily looting still.


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      • Usa drunken sailors...180 days to civil unrest

        job hell
        salary slashing of workers
        california state workers salaries axed
        no more 401k now 201k's soon to be 51k's match funds from corp crooks
        healthcare out of reach next...................

        can they afford garbage electronic toys next?lol

        no demand

        rea don at pushhamburger dot com and

        who is that peeing on the white house?

        corporate crooks and walls street/banker crooks conned usa working class and they don't have a clue?lol

        nice to be dumb indian


        to hate me ........u have to remember be always

        let lion burn in ur brain


    • March 30, 2009, 11:16 am
      Sell The Rally, Morgan Stanley Advises
      Posted by Eric Savitz
      Perhaps adding some pressure to this morning’s sell-off, Morgan Stanley U.S. portfolio strategist Jason Todd over the weekend advised investors to sell into the recent rally. “Even under the most generous of assumptions,” he writes in a research note, “we cannot see large upside for the S&P 500 above the 825-850 level.”

      Todd asserts that in the mad rush to jump back into the market, “it seems earnings or valuation no longer matters.” He writes that he would be more comfortable with this approach if trough earnings were closer, but he cautions that we’re not there yet. “We simply do not believe that that market has completely priced in the prospect of further earnings weakness or that it will, without interruption, look through this weakness to recovery,” he writes.

      Todd says he find a “lack of fundamental support outside the financial sector.”

      Todd has some specific cautionary comments on technology stocks. He notes that semis as of last week’s close were up more than 23% from the trough. “Inventories in the supply chain remain elevated, valuations rich and we are wary of under-estimating the scope of demand improvement necessary to take these stock from an inventory rebuild rally to one support by broadening fundamentals,” he writes.

      Todd sees downside, in particular for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Nvidia (NVDA), Broadcom (BRCM) and Marvell (MRVL), as well as Jabil (JBL), Molex (MOLX), Tyco Electronics (TEL), JDSU (JDSU) and NCR (NCR), and also Comcast (CMCSA) and Sprint (S).

    • Come on let's get real. YOU HAVE BEEN BLOODY WRONG ALL THE TIME. Tell it to the marines!!!

    • What did you do, schmuckface, sell those stocks short?

    • glad i listen to you... you are an idiot!!!

      no wonder the company fired you..

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