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  • Kemperch Kemperch Apr 21, 1999 12:44 PM Flag



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    • anyone know the deal with the antitakover
      provisions brcm has in its charter? from what i understand,
      the company can't be taken over for five years from
      the time it went public, but i can't confirm

      anyway, i think us longs need to be patient on this one.
      it had a nice run on enormous volume after the
      earnings report. it may take a couple of sessions to break
      through the highs set that day. i bought brcm about a
      year ago and i still have a hard time reading the
      price action...

      good luck all.

    • in case anyone want to get out; you can do that early AM.


    • I would think the opposite of your analysis. The
      employees work because they enjoy their jobs and want to
      someday be multi, multi-millionaires.

      AT&T's bid
      for MediaOne validates that broadband will be the
      standard. This is the beginning of Broadcom. Additionally,
      BRCM's results show their strength and

      Long and happy.

    • I bought into it !!!. It's 9/10 times a stock
      would go down right after I bought into it and would
      sky-rise immediately after I dispose it. :)

      I would
      let you know when I am ready to get out so you longs
      can increase your position. At the mean time I intend
      to hold it since I love what I am seeing in BRCM.
      So; it's your choice to grab your profit now or ride
      BRCM down to 65 with me !

      Happy trading :)

    • The worst is yet to come, trust me. typical
      pattern of going down after the earning for BRCM now. The
      insiders are cashing in big because they know INTC is on
      their way up and CNXT is cathcing up too. The sales
      lately really sucks.

    • Sell before the management can.

    • soon. BRCM's millionairs are cashing in their
      shares and they all know the coming quarters will be
      bad. The first quarter usually the best for BRCM and
      networking chips are sold maily on first quarter. Wake up
      everyone, dump the damn shares. You are only the feeding
      those lazy millionairs. 300 out of 500 BRCM employees
      are fat millionairs now according to CNBC. SO how can
      they work hard any more. They only care about cash in
      the paper money and go and retire. Dump immediately.
      I am not short and trust me. It is amazing BRCM
      still stands where it reported earning 3 months ago.
      While others like INKT has doubled since. Never hold a
      hardware company for long term. Directors will be able to
      sell tomorrow

    • Ok folks, what do you think of Ma Bell's offer for Media One?
      Gotta be a momentum builder for us!

    • i was surprised by today's poor performance by
      brcm today. i know it was up 8 yesterday, but on a day
      like today with the nasdaq bursting at the seems to
      the upside and following a terrific earnings report,
      why is this stock down 3 bucks today? why so much
      trouble with the 75-76 area? if the markets had gone down
      sharply today, would brcm have given back its entire gain
      from yesterday and closed at 65?

      i know a lot
      about stocks but i've only followed this one for about
      2 months, so i haven't watched the tape on brcm
      right after a good earnings report before. i would
      appreciate some insite from anyone who follows this stock
      like a hawk. i bought a may 70 call on brcm about a
      month ago w/ the stock at 62 for 6. now the stock is at
      70 but with the loss of time premium the option is
      only worth about 6 1/2 at the close. not sure if i
      should dump this thing and avoid a loss or hold for a
      run to 85 or so over the next few weeks. i thought
      earnings would be awesome b/c brcm is perfectly positioned
      in a terrific industry. they were awesome, but this
      option purchase is on the verge of not working out. any
      informed replies would be appreciated.

    • If you take the same earnings increase as the
      last one and figure it at each quarter, it is very
      possible, in my opinion. Also, there are possibly new
      products coming along.

      By the way, where is Mr.
      Kir? Was he a "closet" long all the time, who was
      trying to get the price down, so that he could buy more
      shares, cheaply?

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