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  • mrphil98 mrphil98 Jul 5, 1999 6:53 PM Flag

    That MERRILL reduction of estimates

    does disturb me, even though I am aware of all
    kinds of reasons why their clients would profit from
    getting these shares cheaper. However, doesnt it make you
    all a bit uneasy for a firm of this caliber to go on
    record with this report before earnings. After all,
    wouldnt the analyst lose all credibilty if we blew away
    earnings. It just doesnt make sense to me . I am long this
    stock in a BIG way and want to have a great earnings
    report but WHY would they risk this if they didnt have
    some numbers. Where is my error.

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    • Tried to post the url for the brcm whisper number
      (www.earningswhispers.) and Yahoo will not let me do it now. Their system
      gets worse everyday. So I sent them the following
      letter. If you agree, tell yahoo they are really starting
      to suck.

      Buy on dips everyone.

      What is with the restriction on posting URL's. I have
      tried several times to post a url which would take the
      reader to relevant information like a whisper number or
      article. Now your system will not let me post it. It is
      not commercial nor is it spam. I have gotten some of
      the best info from other posters the same way. Alot
      of times it is the only way to verify what they are
      saying is true. Your new system of restrictions is
      making yahoo a less desireable system. I am considering
      changing to another system. Can you afford to lose
      customers like me who use your system extensively everyday?
      Get with it Yahoo. You are starting to lose it. Your
      competition is gaining on you and has much to offer. And your
      email system stinks as well. Html is impossible. Please

    • I originally got in at $49, but sold entire
      position twice
      and got back in at lower prices each
      time (last time I sold at
      $80, got back in at $74).
      So, do I qualify for the $70 club
      (since my
      original purchase was below $70), or do I not (since
      most recent purchase was $74).

      Please, I've got
      to know. My self-esteem is riding on

      Someone needs to draw up some formal, precise by-laws,
      submit them for ratification.

    • NEVER makes money"------it's an old and true
      saying in the market. We are entering the earnings
      season as everyone here is well aware----and next week
      should see a real "ramp up" into tech earnings (other
      than those which preannounce).

      Once you make
      your choice, don't pay any attention to it if you have
      a tendency to get squeemish-------had you bought
      BRCM 3 weeks ago at 100----look how surprised you
      would be today----now just imagine a 6 month
      parameter------you would be floored------from $60 to $137 (and on
      some days $148)-----not bad, a double + in less than 6

      Don't sweat the "shorters" --- they are like gnats,
      wondering when the world will collapse on them, BRCM go to
      the moon, and their brokerage company "buying them in
      against their will" because their loss potential is
      UNLIMITED-----the sky is the limit and so they must watch

      For the longs, go have a beer, if you enjoy the
      boards & banter---fine, if it disturbs you, play golf,
      read, sail, drink beer and enjoy summer knowing that
      you are on a stock whose potential might make you a
      very wealthy person.

      There was an "fund
      manager" on Wall Street Week who commented that "one great
      growth stock can make you rich"------that's true: look
      at Microsoft, Cisco, WalMart, Intel, Tellabs. All of
      these companies would have turned your pittance into a
      And Broadcom has the potential to be one of these
      giants, if not even eclipse some of them.

      have a Long Island Ice Tea and laugh as you hear about
      the world markets, the crisis in Asia, the rate
      increases-----in spite of all of these-----great stocks with great
      earnings grow and multiply. In the final analysis, it
      really is as Peter Lynch says: "earnings drive the
      market"-----and count on BRCM to deliver MORE than its fair share


    • yes. This baby is way over valued.
      see you at $89
      meanwhile i'd rather buy cnxt

    • I do think CNXT will have a better boost from earnings but BRCM is a great stock and will do good also.

    • CNXT will shoot to the high 90's by the end of July!!!

    • shorts are back. I thought we were getting a bit
      too giddy the last few days. A slight easing
      yesterday afternoon should lead to a strong play right up
      to earnings release. This should be a big
      announcement - and I am actually hoping for a 3 for 1

      Anyway, what the heck is mosher doing having a foolish
      conversation with himself (Fundamentals Only) ? he seems to be
      losing it!!!

      Go Long! By the way, I am in the
      <$70 Club!!!!

    • Many will dump BRCM and jump on the CNXT train before July 21.

    • morgan stanley is on record at .16 and $111 in

      the on record numbers have come down from an average
      of .19 to and average of .17 because of expected
      near term dilution from the 3 recent

      if you are long do yourself a favor do not push high
      "whisper" numbers here, if you whisper it here two weeks
      before the announcement you might as well be shouting

      on the other hand you can do the math at home i
      presume and if you do and they have the qtr i think they
      will have it will "get your attention"

      just a
      good luck
      and keeping everything

      ps for a hint -- check today's wall street journal
      article page b9b entitled Cable Gear makers see solid 2nd
      Period . . . doesn't mention brcm, but does, if you read
      between the lines

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