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  • Shanie1999 Shanie1999 Oct 18, 1999 7:19 PM Flag

    McNamee on CNBC

    did anybody see McNamee this evening? did he say anything meaningful

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    • IPIX tech. will revolutionize websights with virtual tours....many companies using there technology...major breakthrough with BAMB today!

      IPIX LONG!

    • Thanks a lot for the info. I'll check into those
      VDSL websites in the morning. I also believe the VDSL
      market will be huge and would like to get a better feel
      for where Broadcom stands. I would also like to get a
      better understanding of how much of the ADSL market they
      currently have. Their ADSL solution is QAM based like the
      VDSL solution, so based on the fact they are currently
      selling QAM ADSL tells me that both DMT and QAM can be
      implemented in tandem. The question will be how much the
      standard will have on marketing efforts. Will the RBOC's
      go with Broadcom VDSL even if DMT becomes the
      standard? I guess we will find out soon enough.

    • On the subject of Cube or DiviCom. Lets not
      forget that the purchase or Armedia back in June
      provides us with capablities to compete stongly with cube.
      Maybe not right away but rest assured that the
      intention is to have more a more of our silcon in those stb
      that gic et all will be deploying over the coming

    • Willy

      checking out BRCM June press release
      for their second generation vdsl chipset, Henry
      Samueli states that "QAM continues to have a significant
      advantage over DMT in terms of complexity and power, and
      the new signal processing techniques employed in the
      BCM6020 clearly demonstrate its capability to meet the
      VDSL system requirements at unmatched levels of cost
      and integration."

      Samueli added that unlike
      DMT solutions, Broadcom's 52 Mbps QAM solution has
      been incorporated into system providers equipment and
      is readily available to the Regional Bell Operating
      Companies (RBOCs) for commercial deployment.

      So we
      have competing standards.

      More important to
      understand like you mentioned is if the majority of adsl
      deployments are DMT(not sure will check into this. Is DMT not
      a vdsl implementation?) then TXN could get an
      advantage. What also is not clear is if the 2 can be
      implemented in tandem?

      Vdsl is going to be huge so it
      important we get to the bottom of this asap.


    • Appreciate that Nortel and in turn BRCM is not
      going to win all vdsl deployments. We can but

      2 sites that might be of interest to you on vdsl as

      vdsl.org/ and vdslalliance.com
      (the vdslalliance is
      sponsored by TXN)

      Regarding your point about DMT.
      TXN along with a number of vendors are proposing DMT
      as the line code (modulation scheme) standard for
      vdsl. Another line code proposals being QAM from
      Orckit. Check around to site to get a better

      On the subject of vdsl trials you might like to be
      aware of Bell Canada recent vdsl evaluation which seems
      to be tied up with Nortel and Next Level

      To understand the deployment market as Bell Canada
      sees it at the moment check out their presentation at
      the recent 'Telecom 99' show


      For another slice on the Bell Canada trial look at


      Happy reading

    • Thanks. Yes US West is using Nortel Universal Edge 9000 equipment (which uses BRCM chips) for the trials. Is it still in trial? The last I read they had around 4000 paying customers.

    • also testing BRCMs VDSL. The last news I seen was that the tests look great! That's another biggie on our side!

    • Alcatel is supplying the equipment to SBC for
      their broadband rollout, but as I understand, it will
      not be VDSL but ADSL. I think VDSL will be what the
      Bells will look at to offer video and tv services over
      copper. They will want to compete with AT&T.
      My big
      concern is that Broadcom will miss out on VDSL if the DMT
      standard (Alcatel, TXN) is adopted later this year. This
      is why Broadcom does not currently have a bigger
      share of the DSL market. I have read articles that seem
      to indicate that the VDSL standard may be DMT based
      because the current ADSL standard is DMT based. I would
      really like to know how this would effect Broadcom.
      Apparently Nortel has pretty much committed to Broadcom for
      VDSL as well as has NextLevel/GIC and RELTEC. I
      believe Bell Atlantic was also doing some trials with
      NextLevel earlier this year.

    • Believe the news release today from TXN on vsdl
      will prove to be good news from BRCM in the long run.

      Firstly the market for vdsl is still emerging and this
      will give the telcos more exposure to the dsl
      technology that they will need to take on the cable co's
      cable modems in the home.

      Lets recap for a
      moment and remember that cable has the capacity to
      provide upto approx 50mbps which provides the bandwidth
      for killer apps like video on demand(vod) into the

      Whereas adsl will never scale to providing vod even with
      better compression from mpeg4.

      Comparing the two
      vdsl offering both offer upto approx 26mbps downstream
      but the BRCM offering looks to offer higher bandwidth
      at greater cable lengths and therefore on the face
      of is a better roleout bet(more range) from a telco

      The other area to understand is that TXN is working
      with Alcatel whereas BRCM is working with Nortel.
      Perhaps someone can give their perspective on whether
      Alcatel have much of a presence outside Europe and more
      importantly any in the States which will surely be the place
      where vdsl hits the big time first.


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