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  • BrightonBeachBum BrightonBeachBum Oct 28, 1999 1:19 PM Flag

    sssmith, hanging with brcm

    I'm afraid that I'll have to take your word on
    that. I was just giving my take on what I was reading
    in the press. Maybe the press was intentionally
    mislead inorder to give opportunities to buy. Wireless is
    going to be big.

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    • Well if it helps any, I have a MSECE (signals and
      systems) from UC Santa Barbara. Have worked in Digital
      implementations since 1980.

      Worked on Missile programs as
      systems engineer for Video link/Command link with alot of
      emphasis on multipath effects and countermeasures. This
      included flight testing with specific objectives to
      measure/quantify/model these effects.

      As a matter of fact the
      main reason for the Link Margin requirement (link
      margin is the excess signal level required to insure
      proper link is trasmitting/receiving) is as a result of
      multipath issues! By far this is the dominate

      An effective/efficent implementation like VOFDM is
      almost like "best thing since sliced bread" in this
      broad band arena. Having said that there are other ways
      to slice bread. But having CSCO backing and this
      becoming a STANDARD, will insure BRCM success in this
      market. Remember the best technology does not always win,
      it is the STANDARD that will win. This is the
      lynch-pin to this strategy. IMHO

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