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  • BrightonBeachBum BrightonBeachBum Oct 28, 1999 8:19 AM Flag

    sssmith, hanging with brcm

    I think the Henry's made the institutions nervous
    with the Angel and Duck episode. Then there is the
    nervousness with Taiwan. The wireless deal with Cisco could
    be huge, but from what I understand the technology
    is not proven yet. STB's are on fire. I take it you
    did well with Cube.
    Check out Wind River. (wind)
    Send for the investor package. Winds market is going
    to explode.Still cheap IMHO. Good luck.

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    • Unless there guys at BRCM are a bunch of flim
      flam guy,WHICH I STRONGLY SUSPECT NOT, then I would
      take the Chief Technical lead at his word when he says
      they have a working technology in VOFDM.

      comments were they have looked at all of the avaliable
      alternatives and finally selected VOFDM.

      I'm no expert
      in this area, but this is what I do know, there is
      no shortage of coding/modulation schemes. The
      biggest problems with broadband/video, is developing and
      efficent implementation (both computationally and
      real-estate wise). This concept of Frequency Division
      Multiplexing is as old as the hills (i.e a recent example is
      cassete recording of programs used two tone modulation
      schemes). The Russians use multi frequency approach for
      GLONASS, the Russian version of out own GPS.
      I am
      hesitant, but on the verge of saying, technically this is
      almost a step backward! Unless soemone else out there
      can fill me in, Multi Frequency has the main benefit
      of providing "Frequency Diversity" which is the main
      advantage in the presense of Multipath.

      there is nothing in my mind that would lead me to
      suspect that the advantages of (VOFDM) are "cooked" up.
      In my mind this is simply the result of good systems
      engineering in recognizing what the right implementation is
      for this particular problem.

      As far as other
      features, of this technology which allows BRCM to do it
      where others maynot be able to.... Well that is all
      purely execution(see efficieny above). And from what I
      read/see of BRCM they can do that.

      If questions
      about the ability of VOFDM to work are what is holding
      this stock back, then I would say this is a tremedous
      buying opprotunity, because those worries will be put
      aside soon enough.

    • none the less.

      WIND I have peeked at but
      not sure about ISI. Have ordered info on WIND. The
      ISI deal may be included. Can you offer anything
      further? Thanks anyway for tip.

      I gather you can't
      offer anything on GALT? Help?

      RAMP was on a tear
      for a while and not it's down-trodden; looking for a
      little upside movement there.


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