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  • pilapoo_kaz pilapoo_kaz Mar 31, 1998 2:32 PM Flag


    I'm just wondering, how a compnay as small as CIC can trade an average of 200,000 shares a day and not make any headway on the stock price (either up/down)? Does anyboby have any theories on this development? Maybe inside trading? Etc....

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    • I the has company has a mailing list and you get "updated information" from their investor relations department. I'm currently on that list. You can join by connecting to the web/home page for CIC (you can get there through profile on yahoo). Also, on that home page there are phone numbers and other information you may find interesting. Although by now, you may have found this out by yourself or by the help of another investor. Good luck.


    • What is it that you think could be a concern about CIC accounting methods? Please be specific if you can. I love it when you guys throw out very general concerns about this stock and company without expanding on your thoughts.

    • The SEC should start looking into CIC accounting methods.

    • sold 1/2(took big loss) my position and bought PTSC. I'm up 27%

    • I too was heavily invested and in the hole with in this loozer. I decided to split my CICI investement down went with SCKT. So far, I'm up 37% in 2 weeks.

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      Great CICI thearapy.. :)

    • I tried this months ago, its only gotten worse..


      Listed: Nasdaq
      Stock Symbol: CICI
      Contact: Maurice Boucher, Director Investor Relations
      Telephone: 650/631-7888
      Fax: 650/802-7777

    • Go to their home page and from their investro realtions or @ the bottom of the page they have a few e-mail addresses.
      I have done the samething that you are trying to do.
      The way they(Maurice) come across is "SHAREHOLDERS" WHO?

    • How does one contact CICI investor relations? Please let me know emial or phonenumber. I am so sick of this laggared. Thank god I have a low break even point (under $3.00) but I don't want to just break even. I've held for so long I want a return! Quite disgusted! Thanks for listening!

    • If any other company had an agreement with MSFT they would be all over the damn press releases, etc. Hell, I know I would be telling the entire world I'm with the big boys in Washington State! I do know one thing, many companies consult investment baking companies when it comes to boosting stock prices, maybe we, as stockholders should send a message to CICI that we want this thing to succeed! Maybe, we should sent email to the damn investors dept. and tell them our grief!!!

      I'm holding and believing but its getting harder...

    • I'm with you on that one, why is this company's volume so high? And why didn't they have a press release about their recent
      earnings report. There was nothing about it on AOL company news, and there usually is. The last quarter looks pretty good (if you
      overlook the one-time 1.9 million dollar charge, which is just that, a ONE time charge). I wonder if they're not keeping a lid on
      things so that someone, somewhere, can pick up barrel loads of the stock for cheap (like Bill Gates). With all the good news,
      contracts with other companies and MSFT connection, this company should be going up, but it's just vegetating, which leads me to
      believe that someone, somewhere is doing (or not doing) something to prevent it from taking off. Any moran can see that this thing
      is finally starting to get underway. What's going on?

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      • I spoke to IR Monday. The news had a "problem" going over the PRN wire and PRN will not re-release earnings. I went to their
        website and got the info and also received a copy by email. I agree that that CICI should be higher, but doubt that anyone is
        intentionally holding the price down. I follow the announcements on MSFT and have seen a flurry that involve CE and Palm CE. All of these
        bode very well for CICI in the short to intermediate term. This could be a great time to buy. MSFT will start announcing the
        number of palm CE's shipped and someone will do the math and factor in an upgrade % to CICI.

        This does not even include the other products that CICI is included as either an upgrade or OEM. The java developments are good also, remember CICI will run on java as well as CE.

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