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  • wwwbggl11ajude98 wwwbggl11ajude98 May 2, 1998 9:46 AM Flag

    Follow thru

    There has to be a continuation of volume on
    Monday or this is a false positive. While I believe in
    the long term prospects of this company, timing in
    the short term has proved to be
    elusive. Too many
    false starts and stops. The volume has to continue on
    Monday. And it should be up volume! I hope it is,but have
    seen this happen before. I think this is the reason
    this company failed to rally on the Microsoft
    All of us long term shareholders have waited a long
    time thru
    many disappointments. I think that with
    so many shares outstanding, only decisive increase
    in revenues and profitablity will make this stock
    move firmly to the positive.
    Or maybe a takeover.,,
    Monday will be intersting. But I'd wait to draw any

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    • ..can I call you Max? Good, north of Milwaukee is cool, have dozens of cousins and other shirt-tail relation up thatta way...Sussex, Menomononee Fall,(hate spelling that), Oconomowoc, FDL...too funny.. small cyberworld..

      well, plan C>>break out the Ripple, do they even make that?? I wouldn't

      Did I tell you where I was sitting, and no, plan on being very inconspicuous--am there for pure fun, not to 'find' logan--geez; on the contrary will do a 180 with anyone having foil on their person...



    • Forgot to mention:

      MLRMF +20%
      RSAS +10%
      SHOO + 2%

    • LANPF.OB +35%
      ASNT.OB + 8%
      CICI +18%

      Beware! This is toxic stuff!

    • hey jamaica:

      "it's enough that maximus will be there...and don't even for a millisecond suggest you are one and the same?"

      Certainly not. He lives in Colorado and I live north of Milwaukee.


      great day indeed.


    • yup, old ? and new longs,,finally...

      makes up for football nonsense, yesterday..

      <2weeks, logan>>please tell me you are joking...ok..that wasn't funny, I wanted to have fun at Lambeau--pure fun..

      it's enough that maximus will be there...and don't even for a millisecond suggest you are one and the same??

      ooph, and people accuse ME of playing



    • i've been reading the old, old, cici posts and your name looked familiar.

      sure enough - post #236 is yours.

      140,000 posts later you're still here.

      i today's the beginning of very good days for the old and new longs.

    • I think I will exchange the word jerk with

      I guess my posts caused this stock to tank today
      right. It must be my negative posts influencing the many
      millions of shares and affiliated shareholders besides
      Sassower et. al. which counter acts all of the wonderful
      news put out by CICI.

      Wake up and smell what
      stinks around here, it sure isn't the coffee.

      like many others are down a bundle and have not much
      else to loose by holding my shares until the demise
      (maybe sooner than later). I will remain a shareholder
      through the class action suits which I am sure will
      follow shortly.

      I do not "wallow in despair" but
      rather I seek retribution against the board of this
      company should stock manipulation be proven as fact
      rather than the profound appearance of manipulation.
      There is a substantial difference.

    • Re: <<intersted (sic) in suing this

      On what grounds would you sue. The company is
      delivering what it promised -- expenses are down and
      revenues are growing (read the last earnings report). If
      it keeps this up we may see a profit before
      year-end. Revenue from Microsoft, Nortel, and other
      possible unannounced deals still to come. Who in his right
      mind would sell under these conditions. Not Phil
      Sassower -- he certainly does not need the money.

      Seems like emotional (angry) selling to me by one of
      the large syndicates that may have been drawn in by
      one of the financings. Also selling are small holders
      like yourself who have been panicked by some of the
      ignorant stuff posted on this board.

      Who is buying?
      I think that it is smart folk who understand the
      trends and can see $3, $4 or $5 in this stock by

      FWIW, I added to my position both yesterday and today.

    • That was KVHI I was thinking about!! TOO many dogs on one leash.
      Hard to keep track of all these 1-2 dollor doggies.Who left the gate open?

      The Taco Bell dog???????

    • i didnt no i could shout on a computer! this is great!

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