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    • I was made aware of this stock on a chance
      meeting on an airplane. I sat next to a highly placed
      individual from a major brokerage firm who was on his way to
      the middle east to meet with some of his big money
      clients. He also happens to live about a mile from my
      house. He told me that he had invested a considerable
      amount of his own money in this stock based on
      conversations with management and the promise of the MSFT deal.
      He gave me his card and we have corresponded since
      then so I believe him to be legit. I believe that the
      recent financial performance turnaround is right in line
      with what he told me and that we will see significant
      revenue from the Nortel and MSFT deals in the timeframe
      that was advertised. I also thank those folks in CA
      for giving me the opportunity to pick up an
      additional 5K shares at 29/32nds!

      Time will tell but
      I believe that, come 1999, I will be very happy
      with my investment in CICI.


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      • I assume, Portland Steve, that you live in
        Portland, Oregon. If that is true, I am certain that I know
        who your contact is.

        To answer the question
        posed in the previous message about operations in
        China, the primary focus will be to cut administrative
        costs and taper some of the more expensive salaried
        executives' compensation. Who and how much I do not know.
        However, from what I have been told, about a million
        dollars will be cut from bottom line expenses.

        would also like to take the opportunity to give
        information about the President and COO, Mr. Guido
        DiGregorio. He joined CIC after an incredible record of
        streamlining at General Electric. I am sure that many of you
        out there have heard of this company. He intends to
        one day have CIC at the same level of financial
        security that GE has enjoyed. Of course, CIC will not
        attain the massive revenues that GE gets annually, but
        his purpose is to improve the bottom line by any
        means necessary.

        From my source who I know is
        very reliable, he said that by 4th quarter this year,
        CIC should have positive cashflow -- a positive EPS
        for the first time ever. If the stock price of CIC is
        currently $1.06 per share with negative cash flow, can you
        imagine what this stock will be worth once they post
        consistent positive earnings. Who knows how much this stock
        will be worth?! I look forward to learning the answer
        to this question.

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