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  • keep_trying keep_trying May 11, 1998 7:56 PM Flag


    What is this? UP a whole 1/16. Is this a new

    Any body knows why?
    Not that I'm
    complaining, I would like this DOOOOG to go up some more or
    even maybe some good news from the company.

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    • The R&D issue can also be that they exited the
      hardware busienss and do not have design and testing
      costs. Remeber that they launched different versions of
      hte handwriter tablet over the last year and a half.
      The per unit revenues from MSFT are very competitive,
      but not free. the issue is how any people spend $25
      to upgrade. Also the Nortel deal and others....

    • Greetings again!

      On today's news blurps
      under Microsoft I noticed that MSFT has teamed up with
      Bell South Wireless Data Team to "enable Windows CE
      for two-way wireless data."

      Anybody know if
      and how this would affect CICI??

      Any thoughts
      on this dr-stock-00???

      Dr Tazman

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      • Dr. Tazman,

        I am not sure if CIC is
        directly involved with this deal that you wrote of, but I
        do know that CIC is working with Microsoft and many
        wireless providers and cellular phone

        I spoke personally with Mr. Sassower yesterday (a
        friend of mine is a good friend of his). I was
        thoroughly impressed with his integrity and with the vision
        he has for this company. Based on our conversation,
        I feel very comfortable stating that I believe CIC
        will be cash flow positive before December 31st of
        this year. Microsoft is getting ready to ship (anytime
        now) and Nortel will be putting their SmartPhone on
        the market later this fall or early this

        With the above in mind, and the announcement last
        month that expenses were cut, CIC will post a positive
        profit and loss statement soon. Imagine for a second, if
        people were willing to purchase shares at $7.00 when
        this company wasn't doing anything, wasn't selling
        anything, and didn't have any contracts, what will this
        stock be worth once the orders start rolling in. It
        certainly will be worth more than a dollar and a

        I am very grateful that we have not heard from
        "SassSour" for quite some time. I would like everyone to
        know that I am deeply impressed with Mr. Sassower --
        we could not have a better person in charge of this
        company. He has put his money where his mouth is -- he
        bought a significant chunk last week to add to his tens
        of millions of shares. If he is willing to buy,
        shouldn't we have the same confidence in the company?

        Dr. Stock

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