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  • Harus Harus Apr 21, 1998 11:05 PM Flag


    We are going to move. Up or down?
    Was that 200k a buy or sell?

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    • stock down yesterday on more than average trading volume. a group representing maryland hospitals alleged yesterday that
      maryland's 2 largest insurnace plans--bcbs and mdipa which mme-- have engaged in a pattern of denying payments for medically necessary
      care. a formal complaint was filed with the insur. dept. it was admitted in an article in the daily record --a md. legal
      publication-- that this problem of denying payments is not unique to bcbs and mme alone--all the hmo's do it. however, because these two
      hmo's are the largest in md. the complaint was filed against them. md.. insur. dept. can't do much; however, the dept. will
      probably seek help from the state legislature to correct these perceived abuses. there curently is hmo legislation being proposed in
      md. i know the legislation seeks to have the hmo's pay additional tax. this legislation for higher taxes will probably pass. the
      tax will supplant a valuation tax currently imposed on life insurers in md. which hmo's do not pay. hmo's also do not pay
      premium taxes. thus, the thinking is, hmo 's shoudl pay a part of the new tax which will replace the valuation tax which wil be
      repealed. tax will be split among all insurers including hmo's. large volume and stock down is not good. i do think the stock will
      back in the 13 plus range by the end of next month assuming expectations for 1st quarter earnings are met.