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  • superbmindset superbmindset Feb 7, 2011 10:00 PM Flag

    A forward P/E of 6.98 times!

    Nov 2009: this analyst estimates 2.88 for 2010 (see message above)

    I haven't been following company news but did the company announce 2.87 for full year 2010?!!

    If so, this guys revised numbers were spot on! But why is the company still trading below 10 P/E?

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    • Because this company still has significant outstanding issues with Auction Rate Securities still on the books. This is a major unknown since Finra arbitrators have started finding for clients in these cases.

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      • I disagree with your argument and here is why:  The stock is up from 27.5 to 34.5 in less than two months...

        If I take out my abacus I calculate a price increase of $7...using my binary abacus I see a 25% increase...

        So to reiterate my point: the stock was cheap two months ago at under 10 P/E.

        This is not an attempt to prove my prediction was correct.  A stock can be cheap and can stay cheap or get even cheaper...whenever I make a prediction it's my way of ridiculing attempts at forecasting...

        As I have attempted to prove, even a novice investor/economist can be right the majority of the time...

        All I can do is try to find undervalued or overvalued stocks and hope the markets will come to it's senses sooner rather than later...(in this case it has) I do not try to predict the direction of a stock i.e. This stock will hit $50 in three months time!

        This is the specialty of equity strategists and jiggles and wiggles gurus aka chartists...(BTW they are in line in their predictions this year)!

        The equity strategist has a year end target of 1,325, so lower than where we are today but we should be invested more than 50% in equities?  Sorry folks, but that makes no sense to me whatsoever!

        Case in point: If I knew where the markets were heading I wouldn't have to diversify..

        To me, diversification is a tool appropriate for those who don't believe in the predictability of market movements!  I have no clue where markets are heading so I invest across different asset classes, sectors, regions, currencies etc...

        Likewise, a market timing strategy used by chartists is in no way in line with a diversified portfolio...

        Whether diversified or market timer, choose an investment philosophy and stick to it...that's all I'm saying....

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