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  • FunBunch1 FunBunch1 Feb 5, 1999 9:44 AM Flag

    Thanks for posting this stock on the JBO

    I like the stats on this one and just picked up 1000 shares to start a position in it. I was looking for a good long term play and this one looks excellent.

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    • I also believe in this company due to the book
      value - close to the current price. They also got $70
      million in cash as oppose to NDB and JBOH. I also bought
      because I suspect another run-up for the internet
      brokerage and this time I know FVH will not be left out.

      Thx. I'm glad people are going to keep this board
      active so that they will know what a good stock FVH is.

    • Good calm board....I spend time on the JBOH board, and it is so full of shorties now, it is almost unbearable. Will buy in next week on this stock, feel it is due for a good run!!!

    • Don't know what symbol I punched in when I thought I saw 600K but no matter, I still like this stock for the future and will still be buying more next week.

    • Funbunch,
      You stated that the float is 600k.
      I don't think that is correct. According to Yahoo
      is is 9 million. That is still a pretty small
      I bought Yesterday at 7 1/4 and I was the guy who
      bought more at today's high of 17. I wouldn't be too
      suprised if we went back down to 13ish but I will be
      holding tight.
      I agree with you. This company,
      without Freedom Investments, looks like a good buy. With
      Freedom they look even better due to the frenzy around
      ebrokers, although that seems to be settling down after all
      of the bad publicity with Etrade and investigations
      by NY.
      I have seen some ads on CNBC for Feedom
      Investments but not too many. I hope they pick it up because
      customer retention rates are very high for online brokers.
      It is important to get the customers who are
      investing on line for the first time. I think that in
      another year there will be a dramatic slowing of account
      growth among online ebrokers because most people who
      want it will already be using it. After that point
      account growth will rely on taking customers away from
      other ebrokers.
      They got hurt last Q due to heavy
      trading loses in the NASDAQ market but every brokerage
      firm has that happen once in a while. From what I can
      tell management seems to be class A. Like you I am
      still learning more about the

    • I think this is an excellent opportunity to make
      a little money. I took a small position yesterday.
      Will look to buy more monday or tuesday.

      idea to build a position before letting this gem

      Good luck to you and Keywest on FVH

    • Welcome, I have sold all of my JBOH now. Sold at
      8,21,16. Bought at 2 1/4, not too bad.
      Looks like a
      bunch of people jumped in here the other day hoping for
      a huge serge and after not getting it are bailing
      Besides that the do own Freedom Investments,
      I like the numbers here. Gotta go play some golf

      ps did you ever see my posts to you among the masses
      on theJBOH board? I used to live in Kingwood. I
      played footbal for the Mustangs. Rich town, good to have

      • 2 Replies to key_westt2
      • I agree the numbers look very good here. I got in
        at 16 13/16 with 1K shares. I don't normally average
        down, but I like the numbers here so I will continue to
        add shares in 1K increments for a few weeks to build
        up my position. I am not worried about the short
        term prospects for this stock. With all the huge
        volume days the market has had this year, most brokerage
        and financail services firms should see good earnings
        for this and future quarters.

        I did see one of
        your notes on the JBOH board, but usually I don't
        respond to folks I haven't cooresponded with before.
        Sorry bout that. Kingwood is a great area of Houston to
        live in and you are right, ther is a lot of well off
        people living there. Both the Kingwood and Attascosita
        areas are growing extremely fast. The interesting thing
        about it is I I thinking of moving to Attascosita. The
        new executive homes going in around Walden Country
        Club are very nice and much more modern than those in
        Kingwood. Also, since Kingwood was taken over my Houston,
        home prices here have pretty much quit rising while
        those in Attascosita are doing much better. The one
        thing holding me back is the high school situation.
        Kingwood HS is better than Humble HS in my opinion, but
        with all the huge growth in Attascosita, they are
        scrambling to plan a third HS in the district. It will be
        located somewhere in Attascosita, but I am not sure where

        Good luck with FVH. I think this is an excellent long
        term prospect. Who knows, they might even decide to
        get into the online trading business sometime soon
        and we get the best of both worlds. I really like the
        small float here not to mention the dividend.

      • I picked up this stock at 17 1/16 yestoday looks good, it's down a bit with the other online brokers.

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