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  • FunBunch1 FunBunch1 Feb 7, 1999 1:33 PM Flag

    Key - I have an excellent lead on anothe

    I don't usually play the bio-techs and medical
    stocks, but a friend of mine got me to look at VASO on
    Friday. They just came out of six months of clinical
    trials on a new machine that helps cardio-vascular
    patients with hear disease. I got in at 1 1/2 for 5000
    shares on Friday. The big news that hit friday on this
    stock is the government approved their new treatment
    and will alow medicare to cover it. In the medical
    field this is like very bullish for a stock. Take the
    timeto read their yahoo board and I am almost sure you
    will buy. This stock should easily see $4 - $5 over
    the next two months.

    Remember, you read it
    here first while it is still only 1 3/4. If you know
    me from JBOH, you know I do not spam anything. In
    fact, I think this is the first time I have ever posted
    another stock on another stocks board. But I owe you
    after seeing your notes about FVH on the JBOH board so
    I will break my rule. See what you think. At least
    I feel even now whether you buy or not.

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