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  • runnerb60 runnerb60 Apr 15, 1999 10:40 AM Flag

    10-k sec march 30, 1999

    Sighificant number of First of Michigan investment execuitives

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    • kensington wells first next(imo)fvh will FRY
      playing with zsun
      i will pisss on your grave after i
      toast marshmellows when you
      sold my fvh good luck to shareholders and market
      makers i can't wait to watch you BURN

    • Don�t look there for rumors�you�ll come up empty at this site ^^^

    • doesnt anybody follow this company maybe they will sell out to a bank trades very cheaply.

    • New York, July 22 (Bloomberg) -- A Fahnestock &
      Co. broker, the owners of a Long Island New York
      brokerage and its employees are among 15 people charged
      today by the U.S. Attorney�s Office in New York with
      generating "tens of millions�� in illegal profit from three
      initial public offerings.

      Elias Tacher, 70 and
      Silvador Tacher, 42, the owners of the Kensington Wells
      brokerage on Long Island, the firm�s accountant, as well as
      Swiss investment banker Daniel Connor, and a group
      including Fahnestock broker Michelle Maureen
      Sarian/McDonough were scheduled to appear today in federal court
      in Uniondale, Long Island.

      The defendants are
      charged with helping to inflate prices of IPOs that
      Kensington Wells underwrote for XeChem International Inc.,
      Universal Automotive Industries Inc., and VideoLan
      Technologies Inc., and with hiding profits in offshore
      accounts and accounts listed in other people�s

      The charges are the latest in a series of stock
      frauds prosecuted by the office of the Brooklyn-based
      U.S. Attorney for
      the Eastern District of New York.
      Long Is land is included within the district.

      In a written statement, U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch
      said Kensington Wells was a "boiler-room" brokerage
      that used high-pressure sales tactics to get customers
      to buy shares of stocks it underwrote -- and then
      ignore sell orders. She said thousands of consumers were
      victimized by the scam between 1994 and 1995.

      Tachers sold the IPO stocks to people who agreed to
      immediately sell them back to Kensington Wells at a preset
      profit on the first day of trading. Some of those people
      also acted as nominees for the Tachers and kicked back
      some or all of the profits to the two men, according
      to prosecutors.

      After the Tachers gained
      control of these stocks, they inflated the prices
      "through an aggressive cold-calling campaign that utilized
      a number of deceptive and misleading practices,
      including false and improper predictions of the future
      prices of the stocks, and exalted claims about the
      companies� business prospects," Lynch said in a written

      Charges against the defendants include securities fraud
      conspiracy, money laundering conspiracy, and money
      In the alleged fraud reated to VideoLan, more than
      $8 million in profits were laundered through
      off-shore accounts that benefited the Tachers, prosecutors
      said. Michelle Maureen Sarian/McDonough, 42, the
      Fahnestock broker, is charged with directing a plan to
      launder the $8 million in VideoLan profits through
      international nominee accounts in the names of Swiss, Barbadian
      and Antillean corporations, where the money would be
      hard to trace, prosecutors said. In some cases,
      Sarian/McDonough delivered the Tachers� profits in duffel bags
      full of cash, prosecutors said.

      She also
      established a number of nominee accounts in the name of the
      Swiss investment banker, Daniel Connor, prosecutors
      said. The U.S. government is trying to get Connor
      extradited from Switzerland, they said. "I am aware that the
      U S. Attorney�s office has instituted some kind of
      action," said Eric Shames, Fahnestock general counsel,
      adding that the New York brokerage has cooperated with
      the U.S. Attorney�s office. He said Sarian/McDonough
      is still employed by Fahnestock. though he declined
      to comment further on the charges.

      convicted, the defendants face fines and prison terms and
      could be required to pay resititution. The maximum
      prison term for securities fraud conspiracy is five
      years, and the maximum for money laundering is 20 years,
      the U.S. Attorney�s office said..

      Telisavcic in New York (212) 233-2257, through the New York
      newsroom (212) 893-3665.

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      Our new pick is MDI
      Entertainment - symbol MDIH - currently trading near $2.

      MDI Entertainment, Inc. (a fully reporting company)
      specializes in creating, marketing and implementing
      entertainment-based promotions to the North American lottery
      industry. More than likely you have run across some of
      their promotions at your local convenience store: MDI
      Entertainment's current lottery promotions include scratch games
      featuring properties such as Harley-Davidson, Star Trek,
      Wheel of Fortune.

      Revenues and profits for MDIH
      are on fire: For the most recent 9 months they
      created over $6,000,000 in sales, with over $1,100,000 in
      profits or .14 per share. These revenues represent an
      increase of over 400%. If MDIH comes out between .16 and
      .19 per share for the full 12 month period (which we
      expect they will), then applying a mediocre PE span of
      around 15 to 20 would be equivalent to a share price of
      near $3 to $3.75. A much higher PE (and therefore
      stock price) could be attained when the company becomes
      listed on a larger exchange (NASDAQ, AMEX, etc.). The
      company has talked of such a move.

      has some interesting developments that could help
      propel the stock to new heights: one of their new sites will enable lottery players holding non-winning
      tickets to purchase themed merchandise. The site will
      offer a vast array of different merchandise items
      associated with MDI's licensed lottery properties. The
      non-winning tickets will, in effect, be valuable coupons.
      Ticket holders will be able to apply the original price
      of the ticket for discounts towards the purchase of
      the merchandise available on the web site. Tickets
      can be aggregated for discounts of up to 20%.

      Recent news announced that New Jersey will be the first
      state lottery with an MDI web site. The state will
      receive 10% of the merchandise revenues. If all states
      begin moving toward some type of merchandise web site
      in conjunction with their lotteries, we would expect
      huge revenue increases as a result.

      MDI's new
      company site is located at

      A link to their SEC filings can be found
      under the section titled "Investors".

      Considering MDIH's fundamental value and exciting
      developments, we feel this company is a great short term

      If there are no Harley-Davidson (R)
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      I am assuming that momentum will carry this little
      gem towards the $5 to $10 range

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