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  • ajaiaja ajaiaja Mar 8, 2003 9:14 PM Flag



    The Jews have no shame in this cold blooded act of treason. They have pushed this country to the
    abyss and they know it, but don't care. On 9-11, a Zionist plot took shape that only today we are
    seeing it's intended purpose. We have over 250k soldiers in the Middle East marching towards
    Baghdad on behalf of Israel.

    When the question was asked soon after 9-11, who would gain from such a horrific attack on
    American soil, all informed people said Israel and Jews would.

    No longer is that question left unanswered as we see today the march towards Baghdad. The Jews
    have manipulated a traumatized nation into going to battle for their colonial aims for Greater Israel.

    Don't take my word for it, we know Iraq was not in any way shape or form connected to 9-11,
    but despite that fact we have Jews from day one pushing that false connection to promote their
    zionist agenda. We know on Sept 12, Zionist traitors in Likudnik administraion of Bush, had plans
    to attack Iraq already.

    I'm actually glad to see Jews be so bold. It is this type of chutzpah that will backfire in their face.
    Israel is doomed and the only country not to throw out Jews, the last remaining country on the
    globe actually, is looking more like Jewish history will repeat itself. I just don't see how Americans
    can wake up after the Iraq war, after the occupation of an Arab country on the behest of Jews,
    and wake up to an Israel-hell where now we have to be in a constant state of war since WE

    We can thank the Jews the next time we find ourselves being attack at home and also for all the
    hatred now directed at America, and not to mention tha no American will be safe travelling abroad.
    The days of hijacking, kidnapping, hostage taking, bomb exploding everywhere will comeback in
    big way[Beirut style]as sure as WolfoWitz and Perle are filthy traitorus Zio-Jews.

    This topic is deleted.
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