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  • gnimmel_xed gnimmel_xed Mar 10, 2003 5:26 PM Flag

    Separation of Church and State ???

    I want the ACLU to sue the President for violating the separation of church and state.

    There is a powerful and fundimental reason why Government must be secular.

    Bush has been getting louder and louder with his "Christian Guidence through prayer" rhetoric. He's giving the muslems of the world another reason to hate America. Bush is validating their "Holy War".

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    • "It makes equally little sense to
      condemn them saying we have evidence but we
      refuse to show our evidence. I have no
      confidence in Saddam or his truthfulness, but I have
      equally little confidence in our own government
      when it begins to act like his."

      They have yet to release the satellite photos showing those 10,000s of Iraqi troops on the Saudi border. And then lets not forget the baby incubator incidents. Bay of Tonkin anyone? Will we ever learn?

      Americans are sheep readily sheared. Sad to the smart people able to take apart financial statements turn into red eyed bulls when it comes to Iraq. But slogans like "Road to War" with the flag waving over the "to" apparantly is enough to bring on tears of anticipation, especially to the white house media whores such as fox, cnn, abc, cbs, nbc, .....

      Read the foreign websites.

    • Oh a bomb that "COULD" carry Chemical/Bio weapons... shit nearly everything can do that.

      and "MAY" have a drone aircraft.

      "U.S. officials say the Iraqis apparently have hundreds of these weapons, which were discovered sometime within the past several months."

      and JUST NOW came into light?

      But the article is not all bad, it did say that we will see more proof... about time.

    • Thanks, I'll take a look.

    • I said what my point was a while ago. You keep
      saying "we" know, but *I* don't know. If you
      could post a link or something, it would help a

    • You're absolutely right.

      The so called "blank check" passed last year was merely to give the President leverage over Hussein. Now, to legally wage war, Congress must Declare War. Otherwise, the war is un-Constitutional.

    • It isn't ridiculous. The founders were not
      fools. It was not without reason that they
      wrote into the Constitution that it is for the
      Congress to declare war, not the President.
      The case must be made, publicly, that war is

    • <I feel pretty confident that they do. Tony Blair is showing great courage. If we go to war (and that looks inevitable) we better find some WMD or these politicians are toast>

      We will find them, even if we don't actually find them. But, I'm pretty sure we will find them - we know what we gave him and sold to him.


    • I do have to know it because I am asked to
      approve their action. Otherwise we live in
      a dictatorship just as much as any Iraqi.

    • questioning our gov't and freedom of speech are the hallmarks of this country--

      i also have to put faith in our gov't to protect us--
      i know these two ideas take fine balance

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