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  • ajaiaja ajaiaja Mar 11, 2003 5:08 PM Flag

    fanatic extremists jews ransack Hebron


    There are only Kahane terrorist Jews in Hebron. These freaks of nature need to be eradicated
    before any hope for a peace settlement. It's that simple.

    Don't take my word for it, a Zionist Jew living in Israel offers his perspective and i can assure, he is
    being too kind when he says: << The Jewish settlers of Hebron are fanatic extremists even by
    Israeli standards. They regularly ransack Palestinian shops, cut electricity lines and water pipes,
    wreck cars, and attack schoolchildren >>

    That's an incredible understatment. They are sick wacked out demonically possesed terrorist Jews
    who believe ALL GOYEM should be exterminated from "Israel"{Palestine}.

    Nevertheless, it's an excellent article that goes into detail how the situation is today in Hebron.
    Hebron a microcosm of Israel. That's how ALL Israeli "towns" came into being. Any Jew who
    defends what's going on in Hebron or in Palestine for that matter, lost all claim to his or her

    This topic is deleted.
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    • > But he was dead wrong about Nixon especially when that fuck sat down and drank tea with Mao while we were losing a war to commies in southeast asia. We would be better off keeping the Chinks in the stone age for as long as possible. <

      I'm not sure whether I agree with you on Nixon, and I think not; but we certainly don't have much reason to assist China today.

      Without our market for their imports, China would be broke and probably fall apart. Their "communist system" would collapse, and the so-called Communist Party would collapse, too.

      It is immoral that we have most favored nation trading status with a country that uses slave labor. We should levy a 50% tariff on all their products. Also, we should support economic development south of China. Help India and the southeast asian countries build a road from India to Saigon, and develop the area to replace Chinese imports. They would be a strong block limiting Chinese power to the south.

      We should also cut a deal with North Korea. The longer this North Korean mess goes on the more militaristic Japan gets, the more scared South Korea gets . . . eventually, South Korea will rely on China for security from North Korea and Japan. We should cut this deal secretly. Make the aid come through South Korea. Once the aid is flowing, make a quick, limited strike on the Yungbaun reactor to make sure Kim Sung-Il knows the other side of the equation. Then increase aid even more and sign a non-agression pact if North Korea agrees to disarm. Pull most US troops out of South Korea and encourage peaceful relations between both countries. If we're too "cowboy" against North Korea it will only drive South Korea in to the arms of China and isolate Japan.

      We have to stop trading with China because they are getting more powerful from it. Better now than when they're attacking Taiwan ten or twenty years from now. Time is of the essence. End Most-Favored-Nation Trading Status for China.

    • see, u can have a sense of humor that is not based in hate--
      smile, relax, whistle a nice tune--
      life's not so bad- gray clouds are going to clear up -put on a happy face.
      take a trip--drive across town-- enjoy people--no one's out to getcha--even if they read the talmud--

    • <<It feels better when she doesn't have her teeth in.>>
      blow up dolls have teeth now.?

    • It feels better when she doesn't have her teeth in.

    • so buy more stock and you'll own it!

      you are really at your best today.

      sounds like u had a rough night-- couldn't mama find her teeth?

    • The Jews do own the media:

      US News & World Report
      NY Times
      Washington Post

      Name one major media outlet not run by Jews???

    • i thought the "jews run the media" conspiracy was more entertaining---

    • Interesting article....eventually traced to Hamas mis-information.

      You know where it should be placed.

    • ruined us

    • Not only is the whole town laughing, but now the world !

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