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  • the_fat_lady_is_warming_up the_fat_lady_is_warming_up May 20, 2003 12:24 AM Flag


    >>>>If I was economically challenged and wanted to "sell" a copy of linux in binary form only (no source), how many owners would I need to call in order to set up duel license agreements?

    A whole lot. Enough that's its not really feasible.

    Regardless, though, in theory, each piece of code has an ownership that could be tracked down...ergo, its not communistic.<<<

    generally, one doesn't license a full linux distro - that's basically a strawman. but there are many cases where one buys an alternative licensse for a particular gpl'ed project.

    want individual examples?

    reiserfs. mysql. postgresql. samba. qt.

    every one of those off the top of my head, every one of those multipy licensed with various rights attached to each license.

    you could almost think of the gpl version as a loss leader. very little difference from ie from that point of view.

    i'm sure if i thought of it, i could name many more.

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