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  • tenderized_offer tenderized_offer May 19, 2003 9:40 AM Flag


    SCO is going to kill Linux. Buy Windows Server or get sued for IP theft.

    MSFT was founded on expert legal moves, it's going to thrive on this one.

    Linux needs a lawyer to install it.


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    • I am still waiting for a rebuttal from zogdan about my example of different classes of users under the GPL, which can't happen in a communist system.

      all he could muster was 'gosh, this is complex' and 'gosh, I dont like what these differences in classes are'. not refuting the point that under the gpl, copyright owners have rights distinctive from everyone else and I gave a clear example of how they can profit from those rights and others can not.

      still waiting zogdan. explain to me how I can contribute code to the linux kernel yet nobody but me can put it into a binary-only commercial product and get paid for it. sounds like capitalism to me pal.

      oh please see trolltech ( they have been selling a dual licensed programming toolkit for some time. might want to tell their paid programming staff they are communists.

    • I took a break before replying to your reply,
      which you must admit is fair since you took a
      break before answering my question. You say you
      missed it, but perhaps the truth is you needed to
      consult your staff economist, since the reply was
      too polished and not your style. But that's
      neither here nor there.

      You condescendingly say I am confused in
      'mistakenly equating "community ownership" of
      communism', but in reality it was you who
      equated them, thus drawing the conclusion that
      Linux is communistic.

      The point of my question to you is that by your
      argument Microsoft must also be considered
      communistic, since it is communally owned.
      If you think Microsoft isn't communistic, then
      you must also conclude, by your own argument,
      that Linux is not communistic.

      But instead of accepting your own logic you
      revise it extensively, introducing a lot of
      new material. Why? Evidently because for you
      it is a foregone conclusion that Linux is
      communistic, no other conclusion is acceptable,
      and you will say whatever is necessary to give
      the appearance of proving it.

      This is consistent with the statement attributed
      to Bill Gates, to the effect that there is
      nothing we (Microsoft) won't say to try and
      convince people that our way is the way to go.

    • linux_cuts_off_air_supplies linux_cuts_off_air_supplies May 20, 2003 11:39 AM Flag

      ``Employees who use wireless devices such as cell phones, handhelds and laptops to work remotely are increasingly part of the business environment. Technology companies have rushed to connect these employees to their corporate networks. Last week, Sendmail teamed up with Hewlett-Packard and Intel to build a Linux-based e-mail server for such workers.''
      IBM to reach unwired workers | CNET

      That, from the poster who proclaimed "Linux as we know it is dead!" Wow! Don't you feel like an idiot right about now.

    • >SCO presents no threat to open source, nor Linux. It will be summarily dismissed in court and never go to trial. It's a non-event, and serves only to give you reason to blow yourself for pleasure.

      This from the poster who pronounced Microsoft would be broken up.

      Linux as we know it is dead!

    • SCO presents no threat to open source, nor Linux. It will be summarily dismissed in court and never go to trial. It's a non-event, and serves only to give you reason to blow yourself for pleasure.

    • IT Managers are now setting budgets for the next fiscal year.

      SCO letters came just in time for Linux shops to add a Legal cost center to last year's Hardware and Software cost centers.

      Selling services... selling LEGAL services appear to be coming into vogue in Linux shops.

    • >Seen any IBM Linux ads lately? Seen anyone on TV even mention it????

      What do you think the servers that provide "On Demand Computing" run? The platform has become insignificant, it's just infrastructure like so much wire of unknown composition. Just like we said it would. IBM doesn't sell Linux, IBM sells services. Customers don't want Linux, they want services that let them perform their business.

      You're a softie who is used to selling software shrink-wrapped on shelves and counting inventory. You just don't understand the bigger picture.

    • the_fat_lady_is_warming_up the_fat_lady_is_warming_up May 20, 2003 10:51 AM Flag

      >>>It's dead<<<

      time will tell.

      and i will laugh last.

    • Seen any IBM Linux ads lately? Seen anyone on TV even mention it????

      Not likely given the recent SCO letters.

      It's dead.

      Anyone can push IP they do not own into the GPL. Anyone buying Linux doesn't know for sure if they bought something they have the right to own. The litigation of this will kill the customers and distributors. Done deal.

    • the_fat_lady_is_warming_up the_fat_lady_is_warming_up May 20, 2003 10:02 AM Flag

      >>>>hi-jinks ensue.

      Don't you mean "hilarity" there? ;)<<<

      with this crowd, i'm sure we'll get plenty of both. <g>

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