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  • wts615 wts615 Jun 6, 2003 7:54 AM Flag


    Love or hate Bill and Steve MSFT has the best OS and software in the WORLD.

    I have used Apple Computers since 1996 for personal and business. I have been using windows since Oct. 2001. Windows beats Apple in every area including support.

    Linux, Apple, forget about it, why try to fix what is not broken. GO MSFT

    Good luck to all!!!


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    • No server operating system begins with "Windows is starting up..."

      It would be correct to say, "Windows is starting..."

      What's with the "starting UP...?"

      Whendoze doesn't speak English, it talks american when you boot it. That's the FIRST indication that you're in for trouble.

      Did you actually SAY something? I don't see it. I see a bunch of fluff, pro-msft words all jumbled together without meaning. Nothing verified, no evidence presented, nothing but personal opinion.

      You're a commercial without substance. Aren't you worth more as a person than that? How sad!

    • and the stock will have a huge run higher. Microsoft has seemed so sluggish for the past couple months while the market roars. But then again, when Microsoft does get going it usually just keeps on going. We just need to jump start this huge titan!!

    • >The fact that he didn't mention it
      >doesn't mean that it is not important.


      But, what is the definition of "is"?

    • the daytraders have catched an eye on this i think that as long as there isn't any major positive news from this POS ...going nowhere but down...

    • Making the shorties whine and blat like the sheep they are. Bahhhhhh!!

      Get a life!


    • Oh no, your so smart and brilliant and you've run roughshod over my pathertic little attempts to match wits with you...

      You tell me where he said those things weren't important. The fact that he didn't mention it doesn't mean that it is not important. He also didn't mention that the new Microsoft colors are yellow and red which, of course, means that Microsoft is adamantly opposed to yellow and red.

      Same argument, same piss poor logic

      Same click-fuck

    • Keep waiting Skirty.

      We are all watching you squirm this AM.

      What's a matter? SCO suit got your panties in a bunch?

      Just wait till next week!

    • >And that means bells and whistles?

      Historically, it always has.

      I'm waiting for you to prove me wrong and quote Baldy as making some statement that QUALITY of Longhorn will be improved from a "Security, Stability, Reliability" standpoint.


    • "The whole argument is that Ballmer didn't use the words "Stable, Secure, Reliable" when claiming that the next product would be a "technological breakthrough." The only word he used was "productivity."

      And that means bells and whistles? What a dolt. Like I've been saying, your words, your spin, your bias...

    • >What else did Ballmer say, in his words this time.

      What do you think quotation marks mean?

      Okay, your turn. Be a cut&paste monkey and tell us where Balmer said that he would improve stability, security, reliability in Longhorn and offer it all at a reasonable price in order to thwart open source.

      We're waiting.

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