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  • kostanzza kostanzza Nov 26, 2003 4:21 PM Flag

    Anyone know of a good pesticide?

    This board is infested with MSFT-hating trolls

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    • >This board is infested with MSFT-hating trolls

      So what? Why do you care? Don't you like monopolies? Don't you like freedom? What's your problem?

    • "This board is infested with MSFT-hating trolls"

      Worse! It has MSFT-asslicking sycophants, you can get aids just by looking at them.

    • >So do we offer $12 a year of value where you can run tremendously more applications, it's tremendously easier to take care of? <

      Linux is about freedom, not cost

      * Freedom to examine/modify the code you use
      * Freedom from proprietry lock ins
      * Freedom from enforced costly upgrade treadmill
      * Freedom from viruses

      Also I support both Linux and Windows and I find Linux *much* easier to support. Try swapping an integrated system board on a windows system, and then try the same on a Linux system. If the system board is not the same then Windows drivers can take ages to sort out. Most Linux distributions now auto dectect hardware on the fly.

      If you don't believe me then download a copy of Knoppix CD and boot your windows PC from it. It wont touch Windows.It gives a full office suite, web access etc

    • <<Wow! How does discussions about MSFT devolve into YOU calling me a Fuckwit, arrogant, and STOOOPID?>>

      Its very sad to see immature people like click_to_see_more act so disrespectful toward others on this message board.
      The best thing to do to click_to_see_more, is click the IGNORE button. If everyone did this he would eventully go away.

      <<That's a low blow - and talking of low blows, how's your mother?>>

      Careful, you don't to want to imitate his childish behavior.

      I agree that MSFT is an excellent company.
      They have $61B in cash, no long term debt, high gross and net margins, and a dominate software position.
      Good Luck on your investments.

    • "Obsessive indiviudals that pursue outlets for their compulsion through the World Wide Web are found to exhibit low self-esteem as a primary personality disorder..."

      Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - Fourth Edition (DSM-IV),
      published by the American Psychiatric Association

    • he is a billionaire too? whats he doin workin for a livin?

    • The only French (ie. people born in France) in Canada are immigrants. Otherwise, they are Canadians who happen to speak French Canadian as their first language. More frequently than not, they also speak (Canadian) English and even some American.

    • What, do you think your saving the planet or something? Get over yourself - it's just a software company.

    • click_is_canada_gone_wrong click_is_canada_gone_wrong Nov 29, 2003 12:37 PM Flag

      ***You know, the really sick thing about**

      Get a life! Go out into the world and do something worthwhile instead of wasting your time with non-stop posting like a fanatical freak. You totally disgust me.....eeeuuuuww!

    • >>>Interesting, Click appears to have many of those symptoms. Is he one of those board Shit stirrers? Does he ever have a logical argument or does he just like to spout off and
      use obscenities?

      You say that about me and you don't about your precious MSFT supporters. ....I think that indicates you have a specific agenda from the start.
      You're funny. I asked you questions that you don't like. You respond with unwarranted obscenities. Don't ask me about the other MSFT supporters postings; I personally deplore their use of obscenities. I don't question their postings, because I wasn't discussing issues with them, nor were they directed to me.

      Of course, I have a specific agenda from the start. As I posted yesterday, I just bought 500 shares of MSFT at $25.39; I never said I was unbiased.

      I believe there are some very smart and well-informed posters (LONGS & SHORTS). I come to the board to view other posters sentiments on MSFT. Hopefully, I come across information leads with which I can research the facts further. I didn't come to read trashy talk from anyone.

      Good luck with your investing.

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