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  • grirn_reaper_corneth grirn_reaper_corneth Jul 23, 2004 10:27 AM Flag

    Just got a BUY hammer on the dow

    OK have fun with your jokes. If you are short the market here the upside on your posistion is very limited.

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    • i dont dare shoring at these levels, market can go down the toilet, or can bounce very sharply, not a good time to be long or short...what kills me is that there is somany optimist out there...when oil above $40, milk above $4..refinancing gone, WM just announced 2800 layoff...and housing prices at risk...the highest debt ratio to gdp ever in history....maybe its time to be cautious.

      i know this guy who just bought a house for 500k(same house was $200 just 3 yeasr ago) i asked him."howmuch did u put down?" he says "0, zip, nothing its so easy to get a loan, why should i put anything down. if housing prices keep going up, i sell next year, if it dosent, i tell the back came get your house, i havent lost anything with 0 down"
      when i hear stories like that, it scares me.

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      • If you have money, it seems the best place to park is in housing.

        Every other investment out there has a "terrorist risk" element built into it: stocks in particular ... the perception may be that one's home is immune from this risk.

        Safety and intolerence for risk are dictating market sentiment.

        This sentiment won't change anytime soon ... unless they catch Osama ... then the bubble could start to deflate

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