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  • MaypoMan MaypoMan Jan 11, 2005 9:30 PM Flag

    Why Bush has no balls....


    He ran from Vietnam.

    He has to testify to the 9/11 Commission holding Dick Cheney's hand.

    He sent OTHER Americans to war that didn't need to happen.

    He didn't stand up to corporations that wanted to pollute America.

    He wore a wire during the debates because he was afraid of the questioning.

    He's held less press conferences then any other president because, again, he's afraid of questions that aren't softballs.

    He won't stand up for what's right and downsize the Inaugural Ball, which money could be used for body armor for the troops.

    Finally, his name is "Bush" which describes a secondary female sex characteristic.

    I rest my case.

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    • You forgot yhat the little bastards major qualification is that he was a cheerleader in college. Hip Hip horray for the awol war monger. WMD Words of Mass Deception is his game lying is his fame. Thousands have died so he can attend the military ball for his inaguration the some a bitch should spend that money on the millions that have lost their jobs due to his ineptitude.

    • >> Why wasn't any "democrat" run that opposed
      >> the war?
      > How about Dean? He ran and was defeated.

      The media shut him down right after he said that the Israeli Palestinian situation should be dealt with "balance".

      Odd that.

      >> Democrats and Republicans are diametric
      >> opposites aren't they?
      > They are supposed to share the common goal
      > of what is best for the country. You are a
      > whack job because you think if they both
      > disagree with you about how to attain that
      > goal it is a conspiracy.

      Clinton didn't act like a Democrat in any discernable way and Bush is certainly not a Republican in any way whatsoever.

      It's you that are a whack job to think that somebody that was given BILLIONS of dollars to get elected has any allegiance to you when they are finally elected.

      If you've noticed btw, campaign donors no longer favor either candidate anymore.

      Guess there is no conspiracy - it's just that everybody is bought and paid for.

      >> a complete post of mine
      > Yep I did. If you are too stupid to
      > assimilate the fact that Saddam killed
      > 100's of thousands of his own people to use
      > them as pawns in the oil-for-food scam, or
      > that the corrupt U.N. management was
      > helping or that openly funding terrorism,
      > or that reneging on terms of surrender (see
      > Germany post WWI) is cause for action, you
      > can't be helped.

      First, Hussein didn't killed 100s of thousands of his own people, unless you are including the Iran Iraq war which the United States helped pay for.

      Second of all, the oil for food scam was our scam. We were buying the oil. Texas oil companies were getting rich off from it, and if you look at the adminstration, they are all texas oil men, idiot.

      Third, Hussein was funding Palestinian terrorism, it doesn't affect the United States in any way. It's Israel's problem not our problem

      Fourth, how did Hussein reneg on terms of surender? It was the United Staets that renged on the terms of surrender - the agreement was that once Hussein was disarmed, the sanctions would be lifted, and Hussein WAS disarmed, but sanctions were never lifted.

      > You are a kid who refuses to read anything
      > but the propaganda handed you, wicks.

      As I've said, I'd have to respect you to be insulted by you. You're a typical moron that fanatically supports a bunch of criminals, as laughable as a liberal idiot that was denying that clinton lied about getting a blow job.

      You're exactly what you so visciously hate. It's very funny.

    • >><I made up nothing, I simply pointed out there is no difference between North Korean situation and the Iraqi situation...>

      And I simply showed why anyone with two or more functioning brain cells knows there is no comparison between the two.<<

      ...and you were wrong and I SHOWED that.

      Find a "surrender agreement" between Iraq and the US/UN from Desert Storm can't because there was a cease-fire, just like with North Korea...and North Korea HAD nukes and WAS a terrorist state.

      So why did Bush invade Iraq, instead of North Korea, when North Korea is and was FAR more dangerous...

      BTW, now, the CIA says that our illegal war in Iraq has turned that region into a "haven for terrorism," that wasn't there before the war.

      Of course, that ignores and beggars the FACT that we are foreign fighters and terrorists in Iraq, too, as well as the Occupation there.


    • >>That issue was vetted and a majority felt other issues were more important than relying on faulty intelligence.<<

      Like gay marriage...more fabricated imaginary measures of superiority for you idiots in Jesusland...meanwhile, Bush lied and soldiers died.


    • LOL...just can't get over the fact that Bush and the Republicans handed you Demlibs your collective heads in the last three elections, can you? Just keep posting your fantasy posts and we'll keep laughing our asses off at your stupidity. We love to feel your pain.

    • |These nonsense lies to try and undermine Bush get old.

      Geeze I have to agree with you there, call the newspaper.

      While I didn't vote for Bush the whiney libtards are getting quite old, even clinton told them to quit whining but do they?

      You think he's bad about Bush, he's 10X worse (lying etc.) when it comes to MSFT.

    • >>These nonsense lies to try and undermine Bush get old.<<

      Really, delenda_est, our trying to undermine our idiot Generalissimo Busho, our own Big Brother, and his corrupt and fascist Administration _REALLY_IS_ getting old...

      ...after all, they do _SUCH_ a good job undermining themselves...especially the Idiot-in-Chief...almost as good a job as that drug addict Limbaugh and that sex pervert O'Reilly...actually better:

      They are MUCH better at putting their entire LEGS in their mouths than we will EVER be at pointing out what idiots they are...even the normally moribund American public is beginning to realize that THIS Emperor and his Court have no clothes and no brains and no spines and no courage.


    • One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.
      � Plato

      ...that certainly describes the last election cycle and the coming idiocy on thge 20th of this month...$40 MILLION...the poor troops that will be marching in the cold, with inadequate cold-weather gear, all for the pleasure of the plutarchy on the dais and the Idiot-in-Chief, will get the gift of two days off before they have to return to training to go back to Iraq, many for their SECOND involuntary tour.


    • >> It was called the Korean War.
      > Look at what I asked, for once.

      Look at what YOU asked for, for once.

      The conversation was:

      >> Did North Korea fight and lose a war of
      >> aggression and sign a surrender agreement
      >> with specific terms and then violate those
      >> terms?
      > It was called the Korean War.

      Which is Korbomite saying "yes, in the Korean War".

      What is Kim Jon Il doing right now?

      I guess the United States better invade...

      You're so stupid to support this moronic war that Bush dragged us into. Don't worry about it though, if the US looses, and it sure looks like an unwinnable war to me, you'll just blame the liberals and not the halfwits that started the war in the first place.

    • >>People with analytical abilities...<<

      like this guy:

      >>know there were plenty of other reasons to justify removing Saddam within U.N. edicts and to stabilize the Mid-east.<<

      ...except the MAIN issue and the ONLY REASON the UK COULD GO IN was the WMD Busho and Blair lied about...keep in mind, before we invaded, Iraq WAS ruled by WE are the "foreign fighters"...the war was illegal...Bush and the US just don't have the balls to admit they lied solely for political reasons...

      Oh, yeah...and the Middle East is ANYTHING BUT secure now, two years after we illegally invaded a sovreign country.


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