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  • MaypoMan MaypoMan Jan 11, 2005 9:30 PM Flag

    Why Bush has no balls....


    He ran from Vietnam.

    He has to testify to the 9/11 Commission holding Dick Cheney's hand.

    He sent OTHER Americans to war that didn't need to happen.

    He didn't stand up to corporations that wanted to pollute America.

    He wore a wire during the debates because he was afraid of the questioning.

    He's held less press conferences then any other president because, again, he's afraid of questions that aren't softballs.

    He won't stand up for what's right and downsize the Inaugural Ball, which money could be used for body armor for the troops.

    Finally, his name is "Bush" which describes a secondary female sex characteristic.

    I rest my case.

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    • LOL...just can't get over the fact that Bush and the Republicans handed you Demlibs your collective heads in the last three elections, can you? Just keep posting your fantasy posts and we'll keep laughing our asses off at your stupidity. We love to feel your pain.

    • |These nonsense lies to try and undermine Bush get old.

      Geeze I have to agree with you there, call the newspaper.

      While I didn't vote for Bush the whiney libtards are getting quite old, even clinton told them to quit whining but do they?

      You think he's bad about Bush, he's 10X worse (lying etc.) when it comes to MSFT.

    • >>These nonsense lies to try and undermine Bush get old.<<

      Really, delenda_est, our trying to undermine our idiot Generalissimo Busho, our own Big Brother, and his corrupt and fascist Administration _REALLY_IS_ getting old...

      ...after all, they do _SUCH_ a good job undermining themselves...especially the Idiot-in-Chief...almost as good a job as that drug addict Limbaugh and that sex pervert O'Reilly...actually better:

      They are MUCH better at putting their entire LEGS in their mouths than we will EVER be at pointing out what idiots they are...even the normally moribund American public is beginning to realize that THIS Emperor and his Court have no clothes and no brains and no spines and no courage.


    • I see your denialitis has progressed from rationalizing away information provided in links to plain dismissal of the links.

      Its a hilarious to watch the "moral values" crowd bend over to pick up their token concessions and not realize their getting a royal b......g from the bushistas.

    • |I see your denialitis has progressed from rationalizing away information provided in links to plain dismissal of the links.

      Yeah he does that WRT Microsoft too but at a rate of at least 10X more.

      Frustrating isn't it?

    • One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.
      � Plato

      ...that certainly describes the last election cycle and the coming idiocy on thge 20th of this month...$40 MILLION...the poor troops that will be marching in the cold, with inadequate cold-weather gear, all for the pleasure of the plutarchy on the dais and the Idiot-in-Chief, will get the gift of two days off before they have to return to training to go back to Iraq, many for their SECOND involuntary tour.


    • > It is hilarious to watch the losers scrape
      > and try to revise issues fully vetted
      > during the last election and pretend they
      > are something more than they are.

      Issues raised during the election?? "Issues" like gay marriage?

      Tell me, how's this for an issue - where the fuck are the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that we went to war over, spent more than 200 billion dollars on, have gotten 1,200+ US Soldiers killed looking for, and have killed tens of thousands of Iraqis over?

      Well, that was barely mentioned by that fucking pussy pile of shit Kerry, I guess it wasn't important then.

      Of course, gay marriage and perceived tight assed Christain "morals" is more important than bringing the nation to war over complete and utter bullshit.

    • You forgot yhat the little bastards major qualification is that he was a cheerleader in college. Hip Hip horray for the awol war monger. WMD Words of Mass Deception is his game lying is his fame. Thousands have died so he can attend the military ball for his inaguration the some a bitch should spend that money on the millions that have lost their jobs due to his ineptitude.

    • >> Tell me, how's this for an issue - where
      >> the fuck are the weapons of mass
      >> destruction in Iraq that we went to war
      >> over...
      > Yep, precisely that type issue. It was
      > screamed from the mountain tops. Kerry
      > could say little because he saw the same
      > intelligence and reached the same
      > conclusion as did the overwhelming majority
      > of others.

      No he didn't. The overwhelming majority of the world thought the administration was lying which is why the United States was unable to get the UN to sanction the invasion of Iraq, and why there were global protests across the world.

      And of course, they were right.

      The United States was reduced to bribing nations like Turkey with billions of dollars to get a "coalition".

      > Reasonable people (not you) know that
      > Monday morning quarter-backing is easy.


      I knew 2 years ago there were no weapons of mass destruction and you can see me posting that on SCO's message board.

      I knew Scott Ritter was right and could be trusted. Scott Ritter has openly claimed that Clinton wanted to start a conflict in Iraq to start a war. He made this claim in 2000.

      But remember, Democrats and Republicans are diametric opposites - at least to idiots like you that detest Clinton and would eat Bush's shit with a smile and a grin if asked, even though they are practically the same person.

      The government is run by cretins and criminals, and sometimes when we're lucky, we get to see both those qualities in the same person - like in Bush. Kerry was merely a criminal.

      > People with analytical abilities (not you)
      > know there were plenty of other reasons to
      > justify removing Saddam within U.N. edicts
      > and to stabilize the Mid-east.

      First: name them.

      Second: this war hasn't stabilized the middle east, it has destabilized it but you listen to progadanda 24x7 and it will take you a decade to find out what I know now.

      Iraq is unwinnable since Abu Grahib.

    • You are the smartest person on the internet. Congradulations. We are all very impressed. You should be proud of yourselfas I know that you already are.

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