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    • There is where we are different. I will admit when there are shortcomings, such as with Sharon. I don't care if you were the most peace-loving, economically depressed person. And I don't even care if you really believe that the settlements are legit. For somebody to bring his children into a dangerous zone is dispicable. My God, the children don't even have a choice. That's another subject. I, myself, would never allow myself to be strongarmed by a criminal, but I would never get my kids involved in my resistance.
      By the way, I never heard your retraction about the 12-year old Palestinian boy who made world headlines when he was shot next to his father. It was bad enough having him as a pawn in their fighting, but in the end he was shot by Palestinian gunfire.

    • the Zionist School of Sophistry which also allows him to intrepret the word "now" into some undetermined future date. Sharon took the same class on the word "now".

      When the President of the US (other than a zionist sophist professor emeritus Clinton) says "now" he means "right now you mother fucking (sandnxgger/newzi-bastard) terrorist".

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      • Major arms caches found in territories by Israeli soldiers. Why is it that the world forgets that, while there are disputed territories, there was quiet for some time throughout the Palestinian territories after the handing back of Tulkarm, Qualkilya, and plenty of other areas, until the Palestinians saw the Israeli army quickly retreat from Lebanon, showing that the thorn in the side routine (suicide bombings) could be the way to defeat the Israelis?

    • Arafat says he wont go into exile. Maybe we should grant his wish. He and the Palestinains don't want a Jewish and Palestian State. They wont be happy until the Jews are living in the Ocean.

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