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  • wotonnotow wotonnotow Jun 12, 2005 8:57 PM Flag

    Firefox 10.43 downloads per second

    current rate. It's not always that high.

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    • the very implausibility of that rate is vivid evidence of the falsehood that "download counter" really is. thanks.

    • << "Manipulate" suggests...>>

      I provided a definition. Sucks that you don't think it applies. Or that you're too dense to see how it does.

      BTW: Some who manipulate the FF counter probably think that DL'ing FF over and over again is 'skillful' or 'artful' particularly those who use scripts or macros to do it.

      Man, you're an ugly little man, when proven incorrect.

    • <<Sorry, my mouse is mechanical. >>

      <You have a system of levers and mechanical controls with direct non electronic linkage all the way to Firefox?>

      LOL! Can't read can you.

      Mechanical:Relating to, produced by, or dominated by physical forces

      And as I stated, to some, manipulating a computer so that one is able to obtain a complete application from the web, and install it, could be considered by some to be skillful.

      Now, you can either admit you've been out wordgamed (twice now) or you can't. I think we all know you can't admit it.

    • <<Hey, you backed down from your absurd "fact" wrt the counter, that's all I care about.>>

      Depends on if you have an active brain? My guess (going on what you've displayed so far) is no.

      But then, my explanation is, was and will be clear as to why I think the FF counter can be manipulated.

      Again, it's just sad that you can't admit it.

    • >>

      --Why would a company download 10,000 copies when they can download one copy? Huh?

      Whifff. That sound was the point going over your head. Large orgs don't download the first copy let alone any additional ones.

      Here is a company with > 1/3 a million employees doing just that and leading banking, trading and everything else important to the US economy that direction. They are leading by example.

      We really enjoy your dreams. As for your reading problem, here are the links you failed to read earlier.


      Why should this be a shock? Even the wallstreet journal is telling business to switch from IE to firefox. I've not seen one reputable link suggesting people stick with IE for business use.

    • <<As is my mouse.>>

      <But it's linkage to the Net is not. >

      LOL! Doesn't need to be. It initiates, and indeed controls, the entire manipulation of the system.

      Again, whether or not is it artful or skillful is in the eye of the beholder. Given that only ~800MIL folks use the internet, I'd say there are more than a few who would consider it artful or skillful.

      Besides, can't the whole process be done via keyboard as well?

    • I said each download manipulates the counter, which is true, not that each one is a "maipulation", which implies nefarious intent. word gamin back atcha fuckwad!

    • Which is it:

      'Thinkspoorly: 'The counter and the [download] numbers are two distinct entities.'


      Thinkspoorly: "LOL! And yet, it's also a plain fact that the counter can be easily manipulated."

      The link you provided shows neither being said so I find it difficult to answer. Maybe you have a different link where the words actually match what you have written?

      As far as "blindly jumping in"; I just follow your lead...

    • |One linux install, one copy of Firefox.

      Why did I expect anything but an insipid remark from you?

      Besides that, I thought you had me on ignore.

      Please, put me back there.

    • Still not nice enough...

      My time and efforts are wasted on your incipient, moronic foolishness...and I found some more info, using either excel or calc, how to chart the percentages that hit a website, to confirm some behaviors and reactions across various communities.

      Too bad you have not a single clue, shill-slut.

      Back to 6th grade with you, Jethro.

      You clueless M$FT Lusers are TOO easy.

      ...and every time you post your lies, you prove to those with a clue, once again, why this stock is "nailed" at 25 and has been for YEARS.

      Cluelessness must be epidemic in Redmond. Google muist have to immunize their staff there. drobbins better get his gamma globulin shots. They might help...otherwise, its "Rainman" time, like with you, dexie.


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