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  • eqtrader_agent99 eqtrader_agent99 Dec 24, 2005 3:37 PM Flag

    "I used to be a Tuskan Raider." - Osama

    BETHLEHEM, West Bank - Palestinian gunmen disrupted Christmas preparations in Bethlehem on Tuesday, briefly taking over the municipality building across from the Church of Nativity, leading clergy to close the ancient shrine for several hours.

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    • excuses. As long as the world gives them a free pass under the guise of freedom fighters and ignores their murderous attacks simply because the victims are Israelis or Christians, they will continue as all extremists do under the Islam label.

      I haven't seen the movie, Munich, but it is interesting that 8 Palestinians back in 1972 kidnapped and murdered 11 Israeil athletes in cold blood. What is more interesting is that when world Arab leaders were asked to help in the negotiations, none agreed to do so, the Egyptians, in fact, stating that they did not want to get involved. After the event unfolded, the 3 surviving Arabs were put in jail. And when a Lufthansa plane was hijacked soon after, the criminals were released from German prison.

      About 4 days after the attacks, Israel bombed the PLO offices in Lebanon and in Syria. The UN condemned those bombings, never having condemned the Munich massacres or the failure of response from Arab leaders. The UN has condemned Israel for targeted killings, including those of two of the surviving hostage takers

      And in Libya, as the bodies of the 5 murderers were brought into Tripli, their bodies were given hereos' welcomes.

      Why should one back Israel against the terrorism of the Palestinians? Judaism has nothing to do with it. In looking at beheadings in the middle east to Palestinian gunmen attacking kibbutzes and throwing babies out windows to their deaths, there is never an excuse. And the current problems the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world experience can only be blamed on appeasing of terrorist activities.

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