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  • stockwizard_orig stockwizard_orig Apr 5, 2006 2:40 PM Flag

    AAPL uses XP on Intel machines

    Even AAPL getting in on the XP action. Now you can choose MSFT on AAPL computers. So, hmmm. AAPL is shifting exclusively to INTC. All AAPL Intel computers will offer MSFT Windows XP. Don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Not bad!

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    • you left out the part about bootcamp providing a risk free migration path from windows to osx without the need of a second machine.

    • "But if they are Mac enthusiasts, they will still install XP on their Macs. It makes sense."

      No, it doesn't make sense. Not a prayer. You've never met a true Mac zealot, have you? Mac Zealots make Linux zealots look tame.

      "You just don't get it. Do you? Both AAPL and MSFT make out on this deal."

      Yes, I do "get it" ... what I see is those who might NEED to use XP at home on their Mac might install Boot Camp and XP. In fact, I would suspect they'll use the company's XP install CDs.

      But half of the Mac users? Most Mac buyers purchased Macs to get AWAY from Windows.

    • It's been tried, but you refuse to take any responsbility for your message.

      Kind like how the whole ABM crows refuses to take any responsibility for their own failures in the market.


    • LOL! And the predictable, learn to read canard rears it's ugly head.

      Again, you made a claim that you refuse to back, substuting insults for facts.

      It only looks bad for you, well and the side you represent.

    • two_riders_were_approaching two_riders_were_approaching Apr 6, 2006 2:34 PM Flag

      >>Do you think a sigificant number of people will buy a new Mac to install XP<<

      Buy a Mac JUST to install XP? No. If they want XP they will buy Wintel. But if they are Mac enthusiasts, they will still install XP on their Macs. It makes sense. It's fun. It opens new opportunities for them.

      >>who bought Macs before "Boot Camp", do you think a significant number will install XP?<<

      More than half will install XP. It makes sense. It's fun. It opens new opportunities for them.

      >> do you think they'll switch from OS/X to XP?<<

      SWITCH? What do you mean by SWITCH? They already have both OSX and XP. They don't need to switch to only one OS. They already have both.

      You just don't get it. Do you? Both AAPL and MSFT make out on this deal.

      The only loser is Linuks because it's just plain ugly like most of its fanatics.

    • Wow, getting you to back your claim = me admitting I was talking out of my ass?

      Sheesh, It's just too bad that only you believe that.

    • Exactly what is a fact of law, and where'd you verify this fact?

      Other reading should note that once this question was asked, heehaw got all defensive, as he usually does when asked to back his claims.

      Grumblings of paypal flubs, false claims WRT the XBOX are hurting your credibility here.

      In other words, you are FOS and need to back everything you say. :)

    • LOL! Says the person who regularly makes suspect claims and then get's bent out of shape when asked to back them, all the while back peddling.

      Again, your claims are suspect and you need to step up and prove them. But as posted earlier, I doubt you will.

    • I don't know about that. I would not be suprised
      to see all three systems running side by side
      on the same computer. APPLE WINDOWS LINUX

    • Again, your claims WRT mitigation as it pertains to this case, like your paypal claim and your xbox profitability claim, are suspect.

      And you get all bent out of shape when asked to back it. Doesn't look good for you...

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