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  • replace_xp_with_linux_not_vista replace_xp_with_linux_not_vista Dec 13, 2006 6:22 PM Flag

    Windows really and truly is garbage, sell MSFT


    Microsoft Vista - the choice of the unimaginative, the overly cautious, the lazy, the dull. Vista will be all that XP is, and more. More bloated, more vulnerable to exploits, more buggy, more intrusive, more aggravating to users and maintainers alike.

    Microsoft Vista - the choice of bootlickers.

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    • Is there a full moon coming up, or is it here already? All the loonies are posting negative messages endlessly. Why? Vista OS system will be supplied on every new PC sold in 2007 and beyond!!! lIKE IT OR NOT IT IS THE STANDARD FOR THE INDUSTRY. If Linux is your bag then buy it and replace the MSFY OS - - I believe it is free for the asking. Then all of you can stop the diarea of your brain (You really have one?) PLEASE!!!! Your are a bunch of paid bashers, and if you are not then you are LOONIES!!! JMHO
      W A Calahan

    • But what choice do we really have? I mean we could join the 5% of the known computer world and .00001% of the business world that uses Apple, but then that would make us geeks would it not? Sorry, the business world runs on MSFT and soon on Vista and thereafter on MSFT enhanced Linux you short sighted ninny.

      PS. > Let me guess, your "business" is:

      A: recording local garage bands and hoping for the next big hit;

      B: lipsinking backstreet boys tunes for your youtube videos and hoping to sell link time to 12 year-olds;

      c: home production of training films for the dry cleaning industry;

      d: taking pictures on your 1.2 meg camera for ebay ads offered by the people on your street;

      e: replacing faulty Apple batteries.

      f: spearheading the neverending search for sound quality in an Apple product. Let us know if it ever turns up.

      G. ??????

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