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  • cfuryurself cfuryurself Feb 25, 2008 7:13 PM Flag

    Haws logic or lack of

    Haw referenced an obscure journal he found by a quick google search to support his claim that medicine is significantly more difficult in the US because of ethnic diversity.
    The tried and true right wing nutjob tactic know as the fallacy of composition. A small sliver of the total is confused for the total.

    I said it was a highly technical article that i could not understand and Haw probably couldn't either.

    His masterpiece reply.

    "I understand what it conveys and what it conveys requires no logic."

    There ya have it. That article published in 2006 is proof that medicine is significantly more difficult on average than the medicine for a homogeneous group.

    Wow you would have though a broken arm, flu, infections, wounds, trauma injuries, cancer, could be reasonable treated in a diverse group before this 2006 publication. Who would have thunk it.

    Now he will search again and find a article claiming a 0.2% increase in the prognosis of X disease if new technology could only isolate new medicines for all the ethnic groups and thus "prove" his point again.

    It just may be that right wing nut jobs have a particular cognitive disorder where they simultaneously cannot tolerate contradictions and unconsciously fabricate loose hypothesis that fits their world view as quickly and possible so they can go back to being "Right"

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