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  • cfuryurself cfuryurself Mar 24, 2008 6:46 PM Flag

    Global Warming is real Duke prof says so

    I think its funny that the vast majority of the worlds experts agree that man is warming the planet and there is a campaign to by a relative minority to convince the nascar crowd that there are really disagreements. Yet if you weight the opinions based on the qualifications of the individual you arrive at a decisive positive conclusion that man is warming the planet.
    Using a weighted average with qualifications as the weighting factor.

    "Anyway back to my point, one after one experts come forward, some strong GW believers before, ALL more qualified than you and Baldy and one by one you pooh pooh what they have to say as if your denials make the reality go away. "

    If you cull the quacks out this number is not so impressive.

    Where exactly did you look at the "data" and the variables that were used. I find it hard to imagine that a neutral lay person would spend the significant time and energy to really evaluate the volume's of research already done. Hey if you say ya did it, Ok
    I haven't done it. I estimate it would take a person full time 6 mo, to really become fluent in the methods and variables used to analyze warming.

    "Actually the last year and collectively the last 10 years have wiped out 50 years worth of warming."

    Could you pleasure us with some of that scientific training of yours and elaborate as to why the last year and the last 10 have wiped out 50 years worth of warming. Of course your data has been corrected to remove the TSI effect because we are now in a low sun spot activity. This doesn't mean anything because in 6.5 years we will be in a high sunspot activity region and it just may well be hot. And please speak to the variance of the 10 year estimate of a process with such a long time span. Maybe 10 year realizations of the process doesn't provide any statistical significance.

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    • <If you cull the quacks out this number is not so impressive.>

      If you cull those that get their paycheck from man made global warming being a threat, you eliminate the vast majority of supporters.

      You are not qualified to cull either and your impotent attempts to degrade those better than you falls flat.

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