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  • Sarcastic_investor Sarcastic_investor May 2, 2008 10:05 AM Flag

    MSFT doesnt have a plan B

    And plan A was totally stupid.

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    • "... The IBM-Google cloud, which to Microsoft might look more like an approaching thunderhead, runs on Linux, which has long been embraced by IBM as a non-Windows alternative. It also includes Xen systems virtualization and Apache Hadoop -- an open source implementation of the Google File System.

      Google has already rolled out to consumers a number of free, cloud-based services such as e-mail and storage, but it's barely tapped the lucrative commercial market. With the exception of security requirements, "there's not that much difference between the enterprise cloud and the consumer cloud," Schmidt said at one point....."

      With Yahoo as one of it's assets MSFT will be able to, at least, participate.

      Without Yahoo Mic. will shrivel to an eventual slow death.

      Balmer must resign if he misses this boat.

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