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  • swsonline10 swsonline10 May 5, 2008 9:31 PM Flag

    Thank you Ballmer!


    You have done shareholders a great service and I commend you and the board for your actions!!! Thank you and God bless!! You are serving this company and its shareholders in good faith and I support you 100%. Don't deal with Yahoo until they come begging so allow their stock to languish at under 25 for the next few months and then offer $22!

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    • Agree! We can develop XBOX alone to defeat Sony; Why we can't develop MOOGLE to defeat GOOGLE?
      It's easy, just need time.

    • Why would you thank Ballmer. I heard he was the one that actually sabotaged the deal over the weekend. Microsoft needs Yahoo in order to accelerate their access to internet ad revenue. Their current business is dying as new players are entering and will start taking away their market share for OS and desktop apps.

      They have dominated the desktop software market for over 30 years now but things are changing and even Microsoft is smart enough to realize that.

      Also, Microsoft has invested alot of money on their internet plan but it's not working ay all. Why not buy a company that has this expertise instead of trying to play catch-up.

      Even Microsoft's own website is an abortion. Did you ever try using their search to find a solution for either Windows XP or Vista errors? Its an absolute joke!

      Steve Ballmer knows that Yahoo represents their future and he can't afford to throw it away. I still say that this deal can happen at $35 which is midway between $37 & $33.

    • $22 for YHOO is too high. Just wait and see.

    • In the mean time we can sit back and watch our stock go in the toilet also. Google will eat everyone's lunch until the deal gets done. Time is on Google side! Great Job!

    • Don't thank him. Msft has been dead money for months/years. What have they done lately? Vista, wow, same old same old. Look at Apple, new inovations ongoing. Ballmer should have made the deal some how some way. Google sweats no more. Look forward to continued dead money.

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