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  • tully4you tully4you May 20, 2008 8:16 AM Flag

    Embarrased MSFT shareholder here

    I am truly embarrassed to say I own shares of this company. Management is clueless, and MSFT has become the laughing stock(no pun intended) of Wall Street. I do hope some class action suits evolve so I can join in.

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    • You would be the same f%ck complaining in 2010 when MSFT has no other way to make money than software. I want my investment to grow and the only way to do that is to take risks. MSFT knows way more than you do about the future, so just shut the f%ck up and deal with it. Better yet why don't you just short both companies.

    • I sold my shares yesterday. I will never buy MSFT shares again. The current management is clueless. Wasting money on YHOO or FACEBOOK reeks of desperation. They should be concentrating on fixing VISTA and buying business software companies. Google envy is destroying MSFT. Larry Ellison is having the biggest laugh. He's scooping up the best software companies, while MSFT bargains to buy a failing search platform from YHOO and talks about buying a social network for billions that doesn't make money. Amazing stuff.

    • I have owned msft since 1994. I bought it with the intention of holding it until I retired. It has moved 4$ since the split in 2004 and Balmer is coming off as the most incompetent ceo of the decade. Balmer is taking the advice of underlings whose number 1 priority is to keep their jobs not protect shareholder interest. Where is msft shareholders Carl Icahn

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