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  • eliot1952 eliot1952 Apr 22, 2009 9:31 PM Flag

    MSFT opening stores - WHAT A JOKE

    I am wondering why there are so many angry and lost souls who come to this posting site to bash microsoft? I would think that they could find better things to do with their lives. It is almost pathetic, in fact, it is. I can think of so many more rewarding things to do with my life and it's oh so precious time. They only show how vacant and inane they really are. Get lives guys, wake up, and for Gods sake, do something, or anything other than post here.

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    • Hmmm. I kinda see it your way. That's why I've been supportive of Microsoft but observant of market forces at work that are changing its business model. Not to mention I've made a boatload of money going in and out of this stock over 20+ years, giving me the freedom to "have a life", as you say.

    • Actually, I think the more important question is, why does Microsoft elicit such adoration and why so many lost souls come to this board to defend Microsoft.

      You either love Microsoft, (ignore all the illegal activity, monopoly control, the destruction of innovation potential within the US) envying Gates and Ballmer for their wealth (which you'll never have).

      Or you hate Microsoft, citing all the illegal activity, monopolly control, the destruction of innovation potential within the US.

      The choice is pretty clear, to me.

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