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  • ghosananon ghosananon Jun 19, 2009 12:08 PM Flag

    Google search new ST highs, Bing in the dumper

    Why do you cheer the giant and smear the competition? Are you a Google stock holder?

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    • >Are you a Google stock holder?

      heehaw is simply a troll, that's what trolls do.

      To make it worse he's most likely an institutionalized troll.

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      • I agree, Hawcreek is just a huge troll, everything he posts here is flamebait.

        Notice how he goes quiet when a higher percentage is gained or when an overall upwards trendline appears to be forming (like right now).

        He is a well known multinymed liar and troll.

        Anyway, enough of repeating what everyone already knows. I had a go at trying to quantify the world wide search market share.

        So I did a simple little calcualtion for each engine, I divided the market cap by the world wide search percentage to get a value per percent.

        GOOG 132.72B/90% = 1.46B per %
        YHOO 22.05B/5.33% = 4.12B per %
        BIDU 10.28B/0.45% = 20B per %

        I know these calculations are very rough and the companies do other things also, not sure about BIDU, I even used this Chinese carbon copy of Goolge to find out about it, the mp3 search is good, lol...

        Anyway, these figures are quite interesting, it appears that GOOG is undervalued when compared to YHOO and BIDU, maybe they waste a lot on other projects.

        From these figures, lets take a conservative figue of each point in globabl search market share being worth around a billion dollars.

        Ballmer has said that he is willing to pay upto ten billion over ten years on top of the ten billion already spent to gain market share.

        My admittedly very crude estimates show that this will breakeven when Bing reaches around 20-25% of global search share. Over ten years, this target is certainly attainable.

        What do the non trolls around ere think of this analysis?

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