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  • jcato2001 jcato2001 Nov 8, 2009 12:38 AM Flag



    ya exactly, 3 hrs no response. I guess the cat has all the liberals tongues...

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    • >>> ya exactly, 3 hrs no response. I guess the cat has all the liberals tongues...<<<

      see, this is an example of why we can't have a conversation in this country - amd i'm not specifically tagging you on this, just using it as an example - it's a friggin' bi-polar nation.

      both "sides" can't talk. both "sides" figure everything about the other one is entirely wrong, and everything about theirs is entirely right. throw in that the republicans are in some sort of collective insanity phase, while the dems are mainly the same pos's they've traditionally been, as well as a 24/7 mdia environment owned by just a short list of peeps/corps, and it's a recipe for political suckage.

      the dysfunction all around us is palpable, and it's not party specific.

      in the meantime, the vast majority in this country is somewhere between the two, and has literally no voicethru the only two parties that practically matter. a "silent majority", if you will.

      yeah - obama is morethan disappointing in more than a few respects.

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