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  • inymical inymical Nov 7, 2009 10:24 PM Flag

    A "what would Jesus do" morals question

    <Is it reasonable to expect that one day an advanced society learns to provide for its physical needs with little labor and become a leisure society.>

    Still deserves thought.

    Groundwork to block obvious delusions:

    GDP of any nation is frozen, as a first approximation. It may go up or down a few percent a year, but more than that gets massive intervention to cap it.

    Resources, all stuff the "goes in" to productive output, is also limited to a first approximation. Oil, metals, arable land, potable water, food, whatever.

    In other words, pretending the global economy can double output and jobs overnight is delusional.

    The question is what should the owner of "The Method" do?.
    "The Method" is a way to double productivity, across the board. Which leads to two choices:

    1. Reduce everyone's work time to half, vastly improving everyone's quality of life while still producing the same as before at the same pay and profit.

    2. Fire half of everyone, and keep the all the gain for yourself. You own it after all, and even if the economy cannot absorb 50% unemployeds due to restraints mentioned, it's not your problem.

    What would that brown skinned liberal Jesus dude do?

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    • while you have points - if we *had* "free markets", they'd be better ones - except that if we had free markets, we'd get robbed even worse. free markets ain't all they're cracked up to be.

      either way, we don't have 'em. we have an oligarchy.

      as for govt offering services - you sure you wanna go there?

      that said - not a bad job overall, even tho i don't entirely agree. good job on the personal / annie get your gun part of it, tho.

    • Ya, in the history of man I guess I was responsible for every bad thing anyone ever did to anyone just by pointing out that sometimes bad things happen when alot of people get pissed off. Hell, Pelosi said the same thing on national TV just a few weeks ago. Damn, I guess she was making veiled threats to everyone huh?

      When I specifically say: "Now me personally, I don't think you solve anything with violence" that's your first clue.

      People like you are just funny. You have enough on a yahoo message board to get you thrown in jail and you don't even know what this is all about.

      What does a democracy have to do with anything? We elect officials and they decide for you. The elected officials have not been representing the people. You think america wanted the tarp? You wanna take a poll on that? Congress in general has a 25% approval rating as of this week. Ya, Obama won my majority. The popular vote was what 52-48? So I guess the basically half of america that doesnt agree should just shit sunshine? I mean if it was say 94-6 you could just say the other 6 werecrazy, but im a firm believer that at least half the people in this country are stupid. It's just a question of which half are you, which I will make a case for right here:

      Go look at the constitution in section 8 or so where it lists the power of the government and tell me where it says they have the right to compete with private companies and offer a service to the american people and make them buy ANYTHING.

      Are you kidding me? I'm not against health care, I'm against the administration taking a shit on what our country was founded on. If you had half a brain you would be a little scared about where they decide to stop too. The goverment has no authority under the constitution to provide a service. They have no authority to get involved in the free markets. Ben Franklin has qoutes where he says it's stupid to even try. The fact that they are even considering whether or not they are going to collect tax money to murder unborn babies does't really fit in there in section 8 anywhere. All the while they promise you this and that and you say oh that sounds great, lets do it, and next thing you know your whole world as you know it is upside down. America has been fine for several hundred years until they started making changes. It just seems to be getting worse and worse. I wonder why.

      Just like just now, your talking about getting your gun and you made it personal and you wanna settle some shit. Your saying let's have a gun fight and you don't even know what it's about.

      I don't think its any question which half you are from.

    • i get where you're coming from, but try reading what he actually said.

      just a "thot".

    • Don't be fooled. He's making veiled threats. The best way to deal with such threats is to call them out or live in fear. I won't be intimidated just because I worked for and voted for a black president. The majority rules in a democratic republic. I had to live with the dunces someone else elected for 8 eight years. Now they make threats because they can't live with a political party they don't like. If you're going to threaten violence I say go for it then. Talk is cheap.

    • I have a better question. Jesus isn't gonna show up and come save the US economy. When he comes back that won't be the agenda. What you should be worried about is option 3. What is the guy gonna do that isn't Jesus that is really really really upset and had enough.

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