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  • alexviettran alexviettran Apr 22, 2010 9:52 PM Flag

    Windows 7 sucks

    You guys are clueless, Window 7 surpasses windows xp. Please don't even mention vista (~ME). People are actually looking forward to upgrading to 7 unlike paying extra to Dell to have XP instead of Vista.

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    • Window 7 is much faster than older MS Window versions for multi-tasking. I own both Mac OS and Window 7. MAC is not designed for multitasking. I only use MAC to browse the web. Blackberry is not as cool as Iphone but it is just perfect for my work. Apple will have individuals to support their business but they will jump when they get bored. Microsoft will monopolize the market for another 20 years. Many businesses know they pay too much for MS products but they have no choice sine more than 90% of their apps have been built on MS OS.

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      • In reality-world, the Mac is based on BSD-unix, which is absolutely designed for multi-tasking. Explain why "MAC is not designed for multitasking" is not a lie that would insult any half-educated person.
        <Window 7 is much faster than older MS Window versions for multi-tasking>

        Not really; Windows2000 and 3.51 were far more efficient. Everything added since has been brain-dead barnacles that just slows things down. Win7 is a kludge-fix to patch Vista, but the skeleton underneath is decades behind the times.

        Name a single serious technical improvement since then. Cosmetic marketing crap need not apply.

        I hate Apple by the way. Nice kit which I may buy someday, but it can be had from closer to the source.

      • you are a true moron
        do you even know what multi-tasking means?
        do you even know whats running behind Macs gui?

        microsoft has been reinventing wheel for the past 2 decades

        its a business strategy to release faulty software and then force everyone to upgrade (including your hardware)

    • surpassed XP in what?

      in the number of bugs and security flaws?

      its takes 2gb more of space, its slower, it needs faster hardware to run
      it has numerous known bugs

      try running any advanced program like ACAD or any recent game then get back to me

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