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  • obambad obambad Jun 24, 2011 10:26 PM Flag

    Another Hammer Blow to the Culture

    NY passes same sex marriage. There is no bottom to the depravity of the Democrat Party.

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    • House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers says President Barack Obama’s timeline to withdraw troops from Afghanistan seems to carry political overtones, as it comes just months before the 2012 presidential election. The Michigan Republican also said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that it is too soo


    • oil_for_bullets_initiative oil_for_bullets_initiative Jun 26, 2011 9:06 PM Flag

      So, Ted Haggard and Garry Aldridge are Democrats?

    • NY passes same sex marriage. There is no bottom to the depravity of the Democrat Party.

      A hammer Blow to our Culture, What a Freekin Laugh.Exactly what Culture are you talking about.I haven`t known alot of Gay People in my life but all that I have met were Kind, Funny, Generous,NON VIOLENT, Hard Working People. So please detail for me if you would exactly how this will be a Hammer Blow to our Culture.We don`t have a Culture Anymore, We Traded it in for Money, Greed, Murder, Corruption, and A COMPLETE ME FIRST ATTITUDE.We also traded our Culture for 20 Million Mexicans who are destroying America but helping the Already Ultra Wealthy By providing Cheap Labor.We Completed our Complete Lack of Culture the Day it was Decided that MONEY was Far More Important Than PEOPLE.

    • Is it kind of like if your Aunt had balls she'd be your Uncle ?????

    • No group is more judgmental, and has more hate in their heart than the hypocritical christian right wing, and they've been that way since they opposed women's suffrage, and were in favor of the Salem witch trials..

    • "Gays" are not gay. Their use of that word to describe their abnormal and unhealthful lifestyle is another example of their push to force the culture to accept that lifestyle as good and normal. They have succeeded in destroying the centuries old common meaning of the word so that it can no longer be used to convey its original meaning. Words have meaning. Homosexuals are not gay and they can never be married ... no matter what the perverts who run NY State may imagine.

      There is a need to give a name to what they miscall marriage. I suggest "smaritch" and am open to other suggestions.

    • ++Because we never look under your big tent and see all the Gays, perverts, social deviant folks you're attracted to.++

      Well at least you didn't include blacks, and other ethnicities, so i guess that is some small progress.......

    • ++The country provides that opportunity for all, success should not be penalized.++

      If someone is working hard, and at full capacity at a menial, but necessary job, that person does not have the opportunity to be a multi millionaire professional sports star, CEO, or media star, no matter how many times you say they do. You conservatives are totally unrealistic.....

    • ++Is it wrong to ask a burger flipper at Burger King to supplement a multi millionaire's retirement beyond what he contributed++

      It's absolutely wrong, that's why i favor means testing. Multi millionaires should't be drawing government benefits, that's the minor sacrifice they should have to make for living in a country with an economic system that allows them to be multi millionaires...

    • I bet all you understanding, and tolerant conservatives call yourselves Christians.......

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