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  • captain_tweezers captain_tweezers Jun 30, 2011 9:27 AM Flag

    Tax Rates Lower Now Than Under Reagan

    Billionaires pay less taxes now than they did under Reagan.

    Less than under Nixon.

    Less than under Eisenhower.

    The top tax rate under Eisenhower was 90%, Un der Kenedy about 70%,

    Who is behind the TEa Party? The billionaire Koch Family.

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    • Billionaires are in the liberal camp, and get exemptions from your Messiah.

    • Never in political history has a group been so brain washed and misinformed as the tea party.

      For people to shoot themselves in the foot as bad as this, deserves some pity, like pity for those sick in the hospital.

    • Did you know that the 90% tax rate was due to FDR's soak the rich agenda. The result was at no time in history did the lowest 50% of wage earners pay a higher % of the total income taxes paid. Now we are at a time when the highest wage earners pay the highest % of the total ever.
      When rates were high the wealthy parked their money into assets and commodities and generated no further income and along with it no new jobs. FDR's policies lengthened the depression and hurt low income people the most. He like Obama did not help the poor, only used them to retain political power.

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      • Please get your facts straight...we still had the 91% top end tax rate through the Eisenhower started to work its way down in the sixties...those were the times when jobs were plentiful...Think about it..if you were going to pay 91% in taxes you were going to cap your earnings..why give that much to the did two kept a cap on what people were willing to earn...and second, business owners wouldnt take big bonus's ...they kept the money in the business and expanded..upgraded...and HIRED PEOPLE...this talk is all Malarky about the top tier being job creators...the only job it will create is the extra hours given the the service that services, parks, and cleans their taxing the hell out of their income it will keep it in their businesses and that will create jobs....This whole republican theory holds no water....I am sick of Fox and their broken record rhetoric on this topic

    • >>>Billionaires pay less taxes now than they did under Reagan.

      That needs to be repeated.

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