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  • zingermaster zingermaster Jul 31, 2011 1:25 AM Flag

    Why Politics?

    "I didn't mean to start another political squabble! You guys should just get a life!"

    You didn't start another one. You merely asked a question, an (oustanding) answer was provided, and the PALS jumped in with their graffiti, (as expected).

    And that's part of the problem: the PALS are trying to get our lives, instead of making a decent one for themselves. Their misery is ALWAYS someone else's fault. And whatever they propose to solve other peoples problems never seems to solve those problems, because the problems just keep on requiring more and more money;
    or in hairy_ticks case, more and more ranting.

    Hope you find your boards where the politico-psychos don't exist; but it probably won't be on Yahoo.

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