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  • plmartin2012 plmartin2012 Aug 12, 2011 2:37 PM Flag

    Court: Obamacare Unconstitutional


    The Atlanta-based U.S. appellate court today upheld portions of U.S. District Judge C. Roger Vinson’s ruling that Congress exceeded its power in requiring that almost every American obtain insurance starting in 2014.

    Another small victory in protecting America from liberal progressivism.

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    • ++Conservatives want less entitlements, and more freedoms, less big nanny state govt.++

      Are you conservatives still against Social Security, and Medicare ?? Many of you avail yourselves of those programs even as you are against them, what kind of idiocy is that ??

    • Why would a deadbeat be a conservative when you liberals entitle the deadbeats?
      Conservatives want less entitlements, and more freedoms, less big nanny state govt. You sound like one of the rich, liberal elitists base members that the rich, liberal elitists consider you to be stupid, and can get you to vote libdem at the polls.

    • This doesn't mean anything. Everyone knows it will be decided in the Supreme Court. It's just a matter of which case gets there first.

      Any decisions by lesser courts along the way are inconsequential. It's only news because everyone knows the case is one step closer to the ultimate decision.

      And when it does get to the Supreme Court, conservatives will quickly realize that they have a Scalia problem. Irony will ensue.

    • <Another small victory in protecting America from liberal progressivism<

      Who does Obama think he is telling "everybody" they must buy health insurance? That's crazy.
      There's a lot of people around that don't have a $100 net worth, how are they gonna pay?
      I can remember waking up with a hangover, no job, and less than $100 in my pocket in younger days and if someone told me to cough up $200 a month for health insurance I'd laugh in their face and say "make" me.

    • ++Another small victory in protecting America from liberal progressivism.++

      The democrats tried to get deadbeat Republicans to take responsibility for their own health care, and the republicans are working hard to make sure they can use the health care system free of charge, and the rest of will have to pay for them, so much for deadbeat Republicans...

    • whsteffanmsn Aug 12, 2011 2:46 PM Flag


      a typical moron republican response- even though you cant afford medical insurance and Obama care would have provided it- you would have voted against it precisly contrary to your own best interests. That way you and your family can get sick and die sooner because you cant afford preventative care- and if you have children they can live their lives without insurance and risk early death from childhood disease.

      People like you need to be locked up so you cant hurt yourself

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