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  • plmartin2012 plmartin2012 Aug 25, 2011 12:16 PM Flag

    PL Moron - 110 In Dallas - Keep Praying!


    The hellishness of you and those like you requires much more prayer than our cyclical respite of precipitation, Lardy.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • >The hellishness of you and those like you requires much more prayer...<

      The Old School (Presbyterian) General Assembly report of 1845 concluded that slavery was based on "some of the plainest declarations of the Word of God." Those who took this position were conservative evangelicals. Among their number were the best conservative theologians and exegetes of their day, including, Robert Dabney, James Thornwell and the great Charles Hodge of Princeton - fathers of twentieth century evangelicalism and of the modern expression of the doctrine of biblical inerrancy. No one can really appreciate how certain these evangelicals were that the Bible endorsed slavery, or of the vehemence of their argumentation unless something from their writings is read.
      - Kevin Giles, "The Biblical Argument for Slavery," The Evangelical Quarterly, Vol. 66, No. 1, 1994

      Keep praying...

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